Hi guys. A few years ago a friend of mine had an idea of making a mission on the AEC island (Malden, Everon, Kolgujev in one) where you start as a Spetsnaz only with a pistol in a village full of dead friendlies with no ammo. Your objective is to go to the base Northwest from the airfield, steal the Mi24 and fly to Kolgujev. But before you get to the base you must clear all the villages that are in your way. So my friend Vasilii Koslovich made most things in the mission and I just added some commands that he didn't know. The mission didn't have any end triggers, briefing, objectives and that kind of stuff. So I finally decided to fix the mission and upload it here for you to check it out. Starting area: Dead friendly convoy: Another picture of the starting area: It's made by me and Vasilii Koslovich. It is both for singleplayer and multiplayer. Please leave feedback :) thanks Mission with required addons needed to play it download link - http://www.mediafire.com/?fb0jmeggmse1fee Also a very funny thing: when you get killed in OFP and the menu appears there is a quote from a famous person. While I was testing the mission for bugs I got killed and got this quote; "And lastly there is the oldest and deepest desire, the Great Escape: the Escape from Death." It's quite a coincidence I got this quote since the mission name is The Great Escape :D