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AMT v 1.4 Release

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Here our new Addonpack

The Package includes meanwhile the DingoA2A in two Version, one with 40mm Grenade

Trower and one with the MG3 Machine Gun and the G250 Wolf. Also the Package

includes now the Gepard 1A2 AAA Tank.

All Vehicels are available in four different Types of Camo except the Gepard 1A2. The 4

different Camos are Woodland, Desert ISAF, Desert and Winter Camo. For the Gepard

1A2 there are three different camouflage without the camouflage for the ISAF Troops.

We put in all Manpower and Know How we have to develop this AddOn. If there will be any

Kind of Failure or other Problems, then let us know about it on our Homepage

http://amt.kkwebservices.de in the specific Boards (We have one Area (English) for

international Support and our main German spoken Area).

Nobody is perfect ... :-D

The Addon is signed and Server Keys are included in the Package.





Since Version 1.4 of the AMT AddOn´s it is necessary to change the parameters for

the Entry “classaddons“ in the File „mission.sqm“. Old Entries like „AMT_wolf“ should

be replaced with „AMT“ !!!


Changelog v 1.1

* cfgpatches in class AMT_Dingo2A2 changed

* full ACE2 support for Arma2

* Derivation for Weaponstation changed

* Derivation for Vehicel changed

* Texturen and Rvmats fixed

* Crash sounds inserted

* Damping behavior changed

* Termalsight for Gunner inserted

* Termaltextures inserted

Changelog v 1.2

* Dingo2A2 with Flw100 Weaponstation and MG3 included

* Dingo2a2MG with Nato , Desert ,ISAF and Winter Textures

* Termalsight from green/withe to green/black changed.

* TI Textures for all Komponents changed and/or added

* Weaponstations now have Rangefinder incl. Target Range Setting.

* New Server KEY included !!!

Changelog v 1.21

* proper crew in desert Dingo

* Damping behavior changed

* Speed changed

* Animationsource bug fixed

* Baseclass bug with ACE2 fixed

Changelog v 1.3

* Dingo Icons changed

• G250 Wolf included in four different Camo´s

Changelog v 1.35b

*advanced Configs

*PBO´s divided for easier Hotfix realeses if needed

*Scripts and sound PBO´s inserted


*Model updates

*smaller Fixes

Changelog v 1.4

*inserted Gepard 1A2 in three different Camos


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Finally the Gepard has arrived! Veeeeeery nice. Downloading it!

Good to see that german stuff is still coming to ArmA 2! Thanks a lot!

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Just downloaded it after reinstalling Arma2. Now that I finally got a computer actually capable of handling Arma2. I've installed the AMT Gepard 1.41 version. How do I disable the tarn net on those vehicles. I already decompiled the AddOn to see for myself but I couldn't find any script reference. Maybe things are handled different in Arma2 than back in Ofp.

So what would be the proper script command to activate and deactivate the tarn net on that vehicle inside the addon.

As for the AddOn itself. Fantastic work loving it. Although some of the textures seem a little low dev even compared to the old bw_mod ofp variant. But that's ok main thing is we've gotten this great vehicle in game. :)


this animate ["tarnen",1];

this animate ["tarnen01",1];

this animate ["tarnen02",1];

this animate ["tarnen03",1];

Just if anybody wonders these are the commands to disable, activate the camouflage nets.

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Are you links? Please because links is dead.


Thank you in advance


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