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Can I preset the Joystick trim TM Hotas X

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I was wondering if can pre-set the trim, in a configuration file.

I am Finding that if I set the trim to a little forward and left prior to take off. It is easy for me to hover when applying (a little) back pressure. Plus it slows my take off as I need to find out where the neutral handling point when "light on the skids". I also find it easy to drive thru ETL and then back to hover again.

FYI I have 0% dead zone on all axis, it's the joystick itself.

Win7 64



GT 440 1GB

Giga Z68

TM Hotas X

TM Ferrari Steering Wheel/Pedals.

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I also believe there should be some sort of patch for this.The reason i do not think it is your joysitick is because I have the same pulling to the right problem and my joystick can not be the same brand could it? mine is a saitek cyborg evo force. For an idea myabe there should be a pre take off indicator of the trim position so that you can adjust it even before you fly away. Or better still the possibility of a combination of ctrl and the collective sets rim and holds collective position so you dont lose altitude while you set the trim with that. Which smiley goes with this post. maybe I'll just leave the smiley out of this, I dont know. but yeah I dont think its your stick just trim is not centered by default which would require some sort of patch. Well not any patch a patch of grass will only make the cows happy and I'm not delivering grass for bohemia interactive to feed there virtual cows. Especially if I have to fly to sarani (Get the reference you know from ARMA?) which is mostly war torn. But yeah some kind of patch

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