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BW Guard Battalion

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The BwGuardBattalion have always on the lookout for new players who enjoy a tactical approach.

It offers everyone the opportunity to specialize in one place. Here everyone is supported on its way through a sound education. Be it in the infantry or in fliegerischem.

To achieve a high level of training and to ensure exercises are carried out on their own game servers. The learned will then demanded in the regularly scheduled operations which fill about 8 evenings.

In addition, the BwGbl sporadically receives support from the JgBtl533 constant cooperation within the NATO community are sought.

Now that the interest is aroused hope, please follow these steps:

log on

Register in the forum is the first step, because over the forum is a major part of communication. In addition, there are more to find information.


If questions still should be open to all members of the unit are ready to answer questions. Which you can ask in Teamspeak or send a private message to.


An application to age, time zone and wish to send position. It works either on this site through the contact form or by a declaration in forum by PN. The application should consist not only of two sentences, it is always glad to see that your doing what you thought about it you might expect or what you expect from us. We would also like to know if you have any clan experience and what you can bring so with our community.

play along

In addition to the official practice times can be found one as good as many players every night on our public servers, which now stands in the Operation Arrowhead version.



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