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ladie from hell

++WH40K++ [1.96+] & ++WH40K++ [1.99+] Servers

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++WH40K++ [1.96+] & ++WH40K++ [1.99+] Servers

Announcing that 2 servers are up and running for OFPWH40K mod.

With the Mod still growing with units and SP and MP missions, Its about time that Servers were up.

Here is what you need :

#1 - OFPWH40K v3.0 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PELVPI9H

#2 - OFPwh40K Chaos_tank fix : https://rs713tl4.rapidshare.com/#!download|713tl2|229227652|CSM_tank.7z|2742|R~F3932D4BA3820F67783A0A79DC4C37EA|0|0

#3 - OFPWH40K v3.1 (Over write all) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G2R1U734

#4 - Fixed um_troop: http://goo.gl/jP4r3

#5 - New Dark Eldars: http://goo.gl/8mfiM

#6 - Winter Kolgujev: http://goo.gl/jvC9W

#7 - Trinity: http://goo.gl/BAxh2

All these addons are playable with CwA 1.99

Here you will find extra addons that have been updated and are necessary to play many missions within the Dedicated WH40K Mod Server.

There may still be future updates as well. If they do occur the same link can be used for the latest download:


If you do NOT have any of these , you will not be able to play on the Server.

Team Speak 3 will be useful (But Not Required) :

Version 3.0.2: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads


Password: ofp

Password for room [OFP WH40K mod]: wh

So Far Tested the 40k mod works with CWA 1.99 and installing the Mod is the Same as OFP 1.96.

A Big Thank You goes out to the Team for getting this up and running


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Interesting! I saw some videos about WH40K a year ago or something, now it looks that it's more polished than ever!


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Yes the Team is STILL pounding away at it ..

As seen in here and on our OFPWH40K forum... new stuff is in the works.

We hope to have some new videos out soon, if I can get some things working that is..

sigh :(

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