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Take On Patch 1.03, "Bainbridge"

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Afternoon, all!

Today, we're releasing another patch for Take On Helicopters. You can grab a selection of download links from the official website.

:exclamation:Note: we have released a hotfix for Windows Dedicated Servers, as well as an updated Linux Server Beta.

Download hotfix (only needed for server hosts - 20,9MB)

MD5: 27F7FB95F606A1D1220BC3FF585090E6

Important Information

  • This patch is for non-steam versions of the game, requiring v1.02 (i.e. Patch Alki).
  • This is a non-steam patch, which has its own update.

Patch Highlights

  • Reduced Ground Effect strength - engine-based improvements
  • Small flight model tweaks - based on community/ internal feedback
  • Heliport character animations – mission briefings include new animations
  • Czech language support – more languages to be added asap
  • Benchmark added - challenge your hardware!
  • Picture-in-Picture quality setting - select the quality of PiP






  • Reduced extreme ground effect.
  • Picture-in-Picture video setting extended to include levels of quality.
    Value - Viewing distance (km) - Average time per frame (ms)
    Disabled - 0 - 0
    Very Low - 1 - 8
    Low - 2 - 10
    Normal - 4 - 13
    High - 6 - 15
    Very High - 10 - 22
  • Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA) support added (http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/arma2oa.cfg).
  • Better multiplayer support for vehicle doors opening / closing.
  • Helicopter animation states could mismatch when running on the server.
  • Custom memory allocator support added (http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Custom_Memory_Allocator).
  • Ambient traffic was not drawn in PiP RenderTargets.
  • There now is zero fuel consumption when only starters are on.
  • The engine no longer stops when you take control from the AI on the ground.
  • Dedicated server armed helicopter models would change (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/26298).

ENGINE (MERGED FROM ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead)




  • Seattle performance benchmark added (Challenges > Benchmark (Seattle)).
  • Czech language support added.
  • Japanese character support added (not the translation itself).
  • More character animations added and implemented into Heliport (de)briefings.
  • Main menu online news feed added.
  • Medium: improved torque 3D instrument ranges.
  • Medium: flight model tweaked.
  • Light: flight model tweaked (also thanks to community efforts!).
  • Helicopter head movement limits tweaked.
  • Helicopter ground contact points tweaked (also thanks to community efforts!).
  • Special shadow LOD added for interior views of helicopters.
  • Doors closed by default for luxury helicopters.
  • Ambient traffic cars now have head and tail lights.
  • Ambient boats and aircraft have lights at night now.
  • Roadway LODs added to military ships.
  • Improved materials for water surfaces.
  • Various unlocalized texts localized (training scenarios, Time Trials and MP).
  • Spelling error reported by wOMAC fixed.
  • Type column in MP server browser was too narrow.
  • Logitech G940 controller scheme tweaked.
  • TrackIR scheme improved.
  • Career Free Flight is no longer ended when disembarking. Instead use "Skip" from the interrupt menu (Esc).
  • Scenarios would not terminate correctly when an important NPC was killed.
  • Automatic savegame system tweaked to avoid saving in dangerous situations.
  • Crashing in training scenarios after failing a stage is now handled better.
  • Career 08: player was able to get in as copilot.
  • Career 09: one of the tasks was not marked as completed.
  • Government 01: suspect lookout would sometimes be on the ground.
  • Training 07: feedback and IGUI indicators tweaked.
  • Memory 02: CAS task now is canceled when CSAR takes over.
  • Memory 02: OPFOR forces now correctly move to the crash site.
  • Memory 02: CSAR takes longer to get to the crash site, allowing more time to provide CAS.
  • Memory 02: Crashed crew does not try to complete its mission on foot.
  • Memory 03: the player now dies when landing on the water surface.
  • Memory scenarios can now be more easily skipped ("Skip" from the interrupt menu - Esc).
  • Memory scenarios can now be reverted to a savegame after failing a task.
  • MP 03: host is now forced to be the pilot.

Once you're all up to date, don't forget that we’ve released two free sample missions and a corresponding guide to help introduce the features of the Editor, and encourage more players to join the strong community of mission and mod makers on our forums!

Furthermore, you can take part in the community’s efforts to tweak the flight models by consulting the documentation of Take On’s flight model, and downloading and applying custom FM modifications!

Finally, DnA has updated our roadmap for future patches.

Happy Flyin',


Edited by DnA

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The OP has been updated with a hotfix for the Windows Dedicated Server crash. You only need this hotfix if you want to host a Dedicated Server, not if you're just playing the game. Steam will hopefully get updated with the hotfix soon.

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