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Patrick N

Buldozer won't load terrain

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Hi, I've installed the BI Tools 2 on my new computer and I am having problems loading terrains in Buldozer. Specifically 2048x2048 10m cell terrains. Buldozer will load smaller terrains with the same cell dimensions.

It just hangs up on the "inserting some objects" and never loads, also, when I get Buldozer to load on smaller terrains, if I press F1, there is no text on the menus.

I did try reverting to the older version of the BI Tools2 release, but encountered the same problems.

What's going on here? My computer should easily handle this, my specs are:

Mother B. Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3, S-1155, USB3/SATA3

CPU Intel i7-2600k, Quad, 3,4Ghz, open MP, Turboboost

Ram 2 X Corsair Classic 8GB Kit, 1600MHz

SSD Intel 510 120GB SSD

HDD Western Digital Green Edition 2TB 64mb

GPU Gigabyte GTX 580 1,5GB Windforce

OS Microsoft OEM Win Prem 7 Sp1 64-bit


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In your bis installation folder there is a tools folder ,inside is visitor folder and a report ,this gives error message maybe you find solution there

Hope it helps

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I'm not absolutely sure what's going on with the loading terrains difficulty, but the UI missing is a bit of a giveaway...

It very much sounds like your P:\ drive isn't set up entirely correctly.

DON'T use older tools versions - you want the most recent version - HERE...

I'd also suggest you run the latest Arma2P to make sure ALL your game assets are unpacked properly to P:\

The initial setup section of this guide might be helpful...

Make sure you have everything set up properly, then have another go and let us know how it goes....


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