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Cant connect to German server (cd key problem or language files)

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Hi guys,

Basically this problem started when i updated my game version for Combined Ops to the latest beta. The server I regularly play on however stayed on the original patch.

So I uninstalled both ArmA 2 and OA and did a fresh install. However when installing my ArmA 2 copy I entered my cd key.Initially it started installing fine. About a quarter of the way through the install a error popped up saying "invalid CD key" but it continued to install.

Thinking that it was a silly error the game had made, I continued too install. Once the game had installed I started to patch from version 1.01 to 1.07. As soon as I opened it for patching. The error i got on the install popped up again "invalid cd key." this didn't allow me to update my game so I went searching on Google and found this video

Thinking that this was the right thing to do at the time, I downloaded it and ran it. However the patch did nothing, still i was unable to patch the game. I have learnt that the files may have tampered with my cd key however I have manually deleted the registry keys for Bohemia interactive

The next step I took was uninstalling the game again. This time i installed it without the cd key error and was able to fully patch the game to version 1.10.

I then tried to join the server I usually play on and I got the messages "you were kicked off the game" I have tried running as admin and have even contacted the admins on the server about the problem. They have said that there is nothing wrong and that i have not been banned etc. However any other server on the same version I can connect to perfectly.

I have tried different profiles and again re installing the game about 6 times now but still have had no luck. However I have tried using a ArmA 2 free account and it worked perfectly. One of the admins on that server allowed me to use a Polish cd key for the game to help test and determine the problem and again it worked fine.

If anyone could enlighten me on why my UK cd key is not working on joining this one server or tell me what needs to be removed to allow me to play, I would appreciate it.


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