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Lite Textures for Operation Arrowhead to Improve Performance Dramatically

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I think for patch 1.60, it is best to introduce Lite textures for the following files.





This will improve the game performance dramatically, as much lower memories are needed to load this file, this in turn will increase FPS for those struggling with the game, even if you got a uber rig, u can still be benefited by a more smoother experience.

Just try switching those corresponding files with ArmA 2 and ArmA 2 Free, you will notice an immediate performance increase, yet the graphics still look as good as before, as those files you switched are used extensively for the gameworld, yet people never tend to take notice of them, so why have the quality of them so high??

If you agree with this, please vote for the issue here


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yeah, but the important thing is that most server will reject this as they require signature check

like you have mentioned, alot of people play ArmA for the multiplayer, as it contains the kind of realistic military

experience unlike anything on the market, so something like this will HAVE to come from the devs


lowering texture resolution ingame doesn't offer much in terms of performance, everything still looks

nearly identical as before. and not even close to the amount of FPS gain by using lower quality plants/rocks etc.

which people hardly cares about or even notices.

so having the devs to set up the lite quality files and make them acceptable for signature checks

is the only way to do this.

btw, thx for the suggestion u gave me about this awesome tweak before!!

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did u even read what I wrote, most of the graphical changes are hardly even noticeable

like grasses, can u seriously notice the texture drops?? yet the performance gain is huge.

at least read the post next time before u post some sarcasm

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