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No way to revert with career missions

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There is apparently no way to revert to start of a career mission or memory, meaning that they can only be replayed. One can only revert to the Heliport "mission," but once the time-roving heliport moves to after a particular mission, there is apparently no way to revert to start of that mission.

With replayed missions, as in A2/CO, saved games will only hold for a given play session, so if complex mission is interrupted in middle, entire mission must be replayed from scratch, which can take a long, long time with some difficult missions. However, in A2/CO, one could revert to start of any campaign mission.

Replayed missions cannot be suspended, only aborted, meaning that all progress will be erased. If one completed a mission, yet in an imperfect manner, it can apparently only be replayed.

Am I missing something? How can I revert to the start of a mission so that saved games can be accessed and restarted between gameplay sessions? I'm playing on Expert with only 1 user save allowed.


I realize that the above behavior is by design. I can see how ability to revert shouldn't be available for memories, and, since actual missions can be completed in varying order depending on when you select a contract, reversion may be problematic for campaign story and finance flow. However, why not make it possible to have a savegame from a mission you are replaying accessible between game sessions? For example, lets say you are in the middle of mission 7 in the story, but then decide to replay mission 5. You start mission 5, play for a while, and then save the game, or suspend the game. You then have to go out to the store or drive your kids to school, and quit ToH completely. When you come back to ToH, there will be a "Continue" option available for mission 5. This would require a new kind of save game, something like a tempsave, that wouldn't interfere with the real autosave, user save, or suspend save associated with your true campaign progress. Just a suggestion, and may be too much trouble to implement, but is one way to get around the obvious issue of not having saves for previously completed missions available between game sessions.

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