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Briefing.sqf file in ArmA Gold

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Below is the code that I use in my Mission that I'm making and for some reason I keep getting an error of "Missing ;" and I can't figure out why it's doing it

I have ArmA Gold Version 1.14 under Windows Vista. For any one wanting that info..

player createDiaryRecord["Diary",["TITLE HERE","Add some notes here."]];
player createDiaryRecord["Plain",["TITLE HERE","Some Intel."]];

obj_2 = player createsimpletask["Guard Air Field"];
obj_2 setSimpleTaskDescription["Keep enemy forces from over running your positions.","Objective 2","Guard Air Field"];

obj_1 = player createsimpletask["Destroy Ammo Truck"];
obj_1 setSimpleTaskDescription["destroy Ammo Truck.","Objective 1","Destroy Ammo Truck"];


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