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I cannot see any game overlays

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(I am using ACE, ACEX, ACE_SM, ACE_RU, ACE_US NAVY, CBA and ACRE and my game is A2:CO)

Okay what I am referring to is the green overlay icons you get when you want to climb a ladder or enter a vehicle, things like that. And no data on how many magazines I have left (upper right screen). I also cannot sight my scope for sniper missions either with 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' keys because no numerical overlay shows up. And the Vector binoculars don't show me distance anymore.

Is this something I did or ACE or a patch? I am patched to v1.59.

Thanks guys!

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Its ACE related.

As you should know ACE is a realism mod, so all those green indicators are turned off.

for more information about ACE features and what not view this page:



ACE Settings, Userconfig and Clippi


Also if your playing with ACE like any mod in the series, it most likely has its own release thread, ACE does for sure,

please use that in the future for all your ACE related questions.

If you dont then your thread will get locked.

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