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Counter Strike.

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Mission by Ena.

Island: Nogova.

Requires: Original Operation Flashpoint Resistance, it really has no addons in it.

Mission Objective: To seize enemy base and hold it.

This mission has Mission plan and everything it needs, the only thing, that is

missing, is the overview picture. I took a random picture for this mission,

as i didn't have anything better to put into Overview.


When you've downloaded the mission, you should have in it "Counter Strike.Noe.pbo" file, put it into your Operation Flashpoint - Missions Folder.


That's pretty much it, enjoy. :)


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Hi man, I've tested this one, and this is my review. It's short review ( I din't finish your mission, but I be able to do the first objective.

Intro: none

this mission is like a demo ofp's missions I don't remeber if it's the first or second but it doesn't already matter.

Well, I think you should modify bravo squad because it's so easy to destroy, I just ask myself if bravo could destroy the t72s and the bmps with a m113 a some soldiers, I suggest you, change the m113 by a m2a2 or m60 and add more law soldiers.

I think change somes soldiers units by lwa or Carl Gustav units from my squad I just have 2 law soldiers and a Carl Gustav launcher, and we just destroy two bmps and then the t72 kill us.

I left to play when they killed me, so I can't finishe it, but it's a great mission my bro, but it needs some fix....!

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