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Random_Adjust.fsm - a simple way to adjust the enemy force in MP

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Hi !

Actually i created this small .fsm script for personal use but think it may be useful for other people too.

I wanted a simple way to adjust the enemy force depending on the number of players in a MP mission and also add some randomness to the whole thing.

With this script you can just enter some names of enemys and then tell the script how many of them it should randomly delete...or just let the script delete all of them.

Call with:

handle = [[e1,e2,e3,e4,e5],5,3] execFSM "random_adjust.fsm";

[e1,e2,e3,e4,e5] = a array of units (names of group-leaders if you want to delete a whole group)

5 = script will only delete units if there are 5 or less players

3 = number of units that will be randomly choosen from the array and deleted

This time i created a DEMO-mission and a readme.txt so i think there is no need to explain everything here in the forum.

But if you have questions or have spotted a bug then please post it here !

DOWNLOAD Script + DEMO Mission:





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