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tango delta

Normal gfx -> crash to desktop, very low gfx -> random crashes

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I just bought Combined Operations from Steam.

I haven't tried to installe OA yet.

If I run ArmA 2 and use normal settings for graphics, the game crashes within a few seconds from starting the campaign.

I changed the settings to very low, and now it runs fine except within an hour there are maybe two crashes to desktop.

".. Needs to close, sorry for the inconvenience"!

Every time it's the same from arma2.rpt :

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 432649DB â–‘

graphics: D3D9, Device: Radeon X1650 Series


resolution: 852x682x32

System specs are :

Athlon X2 3800+ @ 2500mhz per core (OC'd)


ATI Radeon X1650

Everything is water cooled and cpu temp is under 40, mb temp around 25 degrees under load.. haven't checked GPU but I doubt it's heating up. Haven't had any trouble with other games.

How can I fix this?

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ArmA 2 Free runs just fine. It's the reason why I bought the full game! :)

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Windows XP 32bit SP3

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I know the X1650 is really lame but for the time being I'm stuck with AGP. And having a low spec gpu shouldn't crash the game..

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Also despite the overclocking the system is rock solid as I do music production with cpu usage at 90-99%.

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The min. system specs in my ArmaII handbook says:

CPU: AMD Athlon 3200 +


GPU: ATI Radeon 1800 or faster

for Arrowhead it says:

CPU: Dual Core Athlon 2,4 GHz


GPU: ATI Radeon 3650

ArmaII CO is both together so the Arrowhead spec should count.

You can be happy when it runs a few mins on your System.

The only spec you reach is the RAM and the CPU.

Your GPU is way to low and not in specs (even for ArmaII alone). And this can result in a crash.

Next time better read the system specs befor buying Software. This should prevent such things. :)

Simply buy or build a new PC.

BTW: AGP graphics port isnt relevant for min. 4-5 years. And a system like yours, with hardware wich was quite good 5-6 years ago cannot run a hardware-hungry 2-3 year old game. And this isnt a big surprise.;)

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Make sure your AGP is running 8X.

Max out in the Bios the amount of VRAM your card will use across the Bus.

Turn of any "Cache" settings in bios and your ATI CP.

Turn of any Memory choices in the ATI CP.

The choices could be a chk box to uncheck.

Make sure your A2 is patched up to 1.10.

Install OA, it runs better.

Try different "in game Video Memory Settings.

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