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Take On Sample Missions!

What Editing Feature would you like to see explained in more detail?  

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  1. 1. What Editing Feature would you like to see explained in more detail?

    • [I][/I][B]Procedural/ dynamic mission design[/B] [I]- randomising & rule-based tasks[/I]
    • [B]Advanced scripting techniques[/B] [I]- scripting outside of The Editor[/I]
    • [B]Dialogues & conversations[/B] [I]- getting story elements into the game[/I]
    • [B]Gameplay variety[/B] [I]- fast-roping, timed-flight, scripted waypoints, etc[/I]
    • [B]Multiplayer[/B] [I]- setting up a mission for multiple players[/I]
    • [B]Other[/B] [I]- Define in the comments (keep it simple and generic!)[/I]

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Firstly: Thanks for making these tutorials. Really, really great.

I tried the first mission, but to mix it up a bit (and get better frame rates), I tried making it on the South Asia Map. I followed all the instructions, but when I preview it, I get the error message:

"BIS_fnc_heliportHeliAddMission. No helipads detected. Make sure at least one of the heliport compositions has helicopter model in it."

To make sure it wasn't me, I re-did it in the Seattle map and it worked fine. The only difference I can find, is that when you mouse over the actual heliport location (from the campaign), a tool tip comes up with "Heliport (Small)". The "Heliport" module we added in the mission seems to have some relationship with this map object. As noted in the tutorial - you don't have to be precise with the placement of the helicopter unit (you can place it anywhere on the map!)

I can't find anything about this relationship in the Wiki. After some reading I found the wiki entry about CfgBase, which says "Every world is allowed to have one heliport."

So, questions (and findings):

1. There is only one, fixed location heliport in the Seattle map and none on the other two maps?

2. You don't really need this heliport for the sample mission (if, say, you wanted to use a different location)?

3. You can add as many heliports as you like. When you start the mission, the player is placed in last one you added.

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I am not really into it, but maybe there is a module available to do the same?

Like this one:

class HeliportLogic: Logic

displayName = "Heliport";

Select the modules category in the editor. It should be in there.

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