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Patrol Operations 2

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I have heard a great deal of exciting Mods were included with the use of Patrol Ops Content Packs. However I am completely unable to locate a download location in any of the many places I've searched.

I am specifically looking for a way to change/create a Patrol Ops mission with the Unsung: Vietnam War modification. The Dev-Heaven Wiki specifically references how to implement Content Packs and yet no indication of where to find any content packs. I see that it is possible to create a side with the I44 Mod, which is also exciting, but, again, Unsung Sides are mysteriously missing.

Any ideas or am I too late to realistically expect this whim to become a reality?

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I am trying to change the type of soldiers that show up in the recruit menu from the US army to an Addons Soldiers but I have looked in all the files and can't seem to find a place to change it any help?

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Sorry to bring this back up, although it's a great mission...

But would any of you still have a Lingor version of Patrol Ops? I can't find it anywhere to download... If a kind sould could help me, I would greatly appreciate.

Thank you very much!


I want this too...:(

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Iam editing Patroll ops Chernarus For my clan, and i have some qustions.



I want player side to be Army of the czech republic, so i made config_weapons_acr.sqf, and config_units_acr.sqf.

  i added line 

#include "config_addons\config_units_acr.sqf

 to config_units.sqf



if( mps_acr ) then {[] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers (mps_path+"config\config_armoury\config_weapons_acr.sqf");

to config_armoury.sqf


and line 

mps_acr	= true; 	// Set false to turn off acr content

to init_mps.sqf

and i replaced 

SIDE_A = [west,"USMC"];


SIDE_A = [west,"BIS_CZ"];

in init_mps.sqf

And added 

typeOf player == "CZ_Soldier_Medic_Wdl_ACR"

to config_defaultgear.sqf


I also replaced all US soldiers in editor with ACR soldiers.  and wehicles with ACR ones.


Is there anything else i should do?


2.nd i see the mission is otimized for ACRE. What should i do to optimize it for TFAR?


3.rd Can i just  move base from main airfield to balota by draging all the units and markers there, or do i need change something in some of the scripts?


Any insight will be appreciated.

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Ok i have answered questions 1 and 3 for myself.


Question 2 still stands. What to do to use every functionality the mission has with ACRE with TFAR instead?




What does theese numbers in those arrays mean?

mps_config_vehicles = mps_config_vehicles + [
	["BIS_BAF_MTP", "attakh", "BAF_Apache_AH1_D",			0,0,0,0,0],
	["BIS_BAF_MTP", "cargoh",  "CH_47F_BAF",			1,0,1,0,500],
	["BIS_BAF_MTP", "cargoh",  "BAF_Merlin_HC3_D",			1,0,1,0,500],
	["BIS_BAF_MTP", "attakh", "AW159_Lynx_BAF",			1,0,0,0,100],

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