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GlovePIE speech recognition script for Arma2

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Back in my XP times I was using Pilfius for speech recognition, unfortunately it doesn't work on Win7 nor Vista, so I had to find an alternative. I tried Shoot, VAC and Windows Speech Macros, but these weren't satisfactory. And then I bumped on GlovePIE, a really neat tool. So far it has the best accuracy and the fastest recognition out of the programs I tried. Just thought, I'd share.

I've uploaded a test video:

Get GlovePIE here and copy/paste the script:

* Arma2 voice commands script by Suchy
* Say "enable voice commands" to begin.

if said("enable voice commands") or said("listen",5) or said("begin listening") then
  say("voice commands enabled")
end if

if said("disable voice commands") or said("don't listen",5) or said("stop listening") then
  say("voice commands disabled")
end if

if var.listen ==true then

//Unit selection
key.Console =(said("all",1) or said("squad",1) or said("everyone",1) or said("everybody",1))
key.F2 = said("2",1) or said("number 2")
key.F3 = said("3",1) or said("number 3")
key.F4 = said("4",1) or said("number 4")
key.F5 = said("5",1) or said("number 5")
key.F6 = said("6",1) or said("number 6")
key.F7 = said("7",1) or said("number 7")
key.F8 = said("8",1) or said("number 8")
key.F9 = said("9",1) or said("number 9")
key.F10 = said("10",1) or said("number 10")
key.F12,key.F1,key.F11 = said("11",1) or said("number 11")
key.F12,key.F2,key.F11 = said("12",1) or said("number 12")
key.F12,key.F3,key.F11 = said("13",1) or said("number 13")

key.enter=said("target that",1) or said("attack that",1)
alt+enter=said("watch there") or said("watch that",1)

key.3,key.1=said("open fire")
key.3,key.1=said("clear to engage")
key.3,key.1=said("clear to fire")
key.3,key.1=said("weapons hot")
key.3,key.1=said("weapons free")
key.3,key.1=said("fire at will")

key.3,key.2=said("hold fire")
key.3,key.2=said("hold your fire")
key.3,key.2=said("cease fire")
key.3,key.2=said("don't shoot")
key.3,key.2=said("stop shooting")

key.3,key.3=said("fire",6) or said("shoot")
key.3,key.5=said("engage at will")
key.3,key.7=said("scan horizon") or said("look around")

key.3,key.8,key.1=said("watch North")
key.3,key.8,key.2=said("watch Northeast")
key.3,key.8,key.3=said("watch East")
key.3,key.8,key.4=said("watch Southeast")
key.3,key.8,key.5=said("watch South")
key.3,key.8,key.6=said("watch Southwest")
key.3,key.8,key.7=said("watch West")
key.3,key.8,key.8=said("watch Northwest")

key.3,key.9=said("Suppressive fire") or said("I need suppressive fire")

//Combat mode
key.7,key.1=said("be quiet",5)
key.7,key.1=said("keep quiet",5)

key.7,key.2=said("get ready to fight")
key.7,key.2=said("get ready for combat")

key.7,key.3=said("stay aware") or said("be aware")
key.7,key.3=said("stay frosty")
key.7,key.3=said("stay alert") or said("be alert")

key.7,key.4=said("at ease") or said("it's safe") or said("safe",5)

key.7,key.6=said("get up",5) or said("stand up") or said("on your feet")
key.7,key.7=said("crouch",5) or said("stay crouched") or said("heads low")
key.7,key.8=said("get down",5) or said("go prone") or said("hit the dirt") or said("on the ground")
key.7,key.9=said("keep low") or said("copy my stance") or said("follow my lead")

key.0,key.1=said("i'm done",5)
key.0,key.1=said("waiting for orders")
key.0,key.1=said("i'm waiting")
key.0,key.1=said("I'm ready",5)

key.0,key.2=said("Negative") or said("Can't do that") or said("I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.") or said("No can do")

key.0,key.3=said("ready to fire") or said("eyes on target") or said("target in sight")
key.0,key.4=said("cannot fire") or said("no line of fire") or said("I can't see the target") or said("I don't see the target")

key.0,key.6=said("Repeat",5) or said("Repeat last",1) or said("didn't copy")

key.enter=said("get inside that",1)
key.enter=said("get in that",1)
key.enter=said("board that",1)
key.enter=said("mount that",1)

key.4,key.2,key.1=said("get inside",5)
key.4,key.2,key.1=said("get in",5)

key.4,key.2,key.2=said("you're driver")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("you drive")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("you're driving")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("take driver position")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("take driver seat")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("grab the wheel")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("driver get in")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("you're pilot")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("take pilot position")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("take pilot seat")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("grab the stick")
key.4,key.2,key.2=said("pilot get in")

key.4,key.2,key.4=said("you're gunner")
key.4,key.2,key.4=said("take gunner position")
key.4,key.2,key.4=said("get on the gun")
key.4,key.2,key.4=said("take the gun")
key.4,key.2,key.4=said("mount the gun")
key.4,key.2,key.4=said("gunner get in")

key.4,key.1=said("get out")
key.4,key.1=said("out of the vehicle")
key.4,key.1=said("get out of the vehicle")

key.5,key.1,key.1=said("Requesting medic support")
key.5,key.1,key.1=said("Request medic support")
key.5,key.1,key.1=said("Requesting medical support")
key.5,key.1,key.1=said("Request medical support")
key.5,key.1,key.2=said("Requesting ambulance")
key.5,key.1,key.2=said("Requesting ambulance support")
key.5,key.1,key.2=said("Request ambulance")
key.5,key.1,key.3=said("Requesting repair truck")
key.5,key.1,key.3=said("Requesting repair")
key.5,key.1,key.4=said("Requesting ammo support")
key.5,key.1,key.4=said("Requesting ammunition support")
key.5,key.1,key.4=said("Requesting ammo")
key.5,key.1,key.5=said("Requesting ammunition")
key.5,key.1,key.5=said("Requesting fuel support")
key.5,key.1,key.5=said("Requesting fuel truck")

key.5,key.2=said("Fuel low") or said("I'm out of fuel") or said ("Out of fuel")
key.5,key.3=said("Ammo low") or said("I need ammo") or said ("I need ammunition")
key.5,key.4=said("Injuried") or said("I need medic") or said ("Medic")
key.5,key.4=said("I'm wounded") or said("I'm hit") or said ("I've been hit")

key.5,key.5=said("Report status")
key.5,key.5=said("what's your location")
key.5,key.5=said("what's your position")
key.5,key.5=said("send coordinates")
key.5,key.5=said("send sitrep")
key.5,key.5=said("what's your status")
key.5,key.5=said("where are you")
key.5,key.5=said("status report")
key.5,key.5=said("Do you read")

key.5,key.6=said("Under fire")
key.5,key.6=said("Help me out")
key.5,key.6=said("Taking fire")
key.5,key.6=said("Give me a hand")
key.5,key.6=said("I'm under fire")

key.5,key.7=said("Enemy down")
key.5,key.7=said("I got him")
key.5,key.7=said("Soldier is history")
key.5,key.7=said("He's history")
key.5,key.7=said("Scratch one")
key.5,key.7=said("Tango down")
key.5,key.7=said("Hostile down")
key.5,key.7=said("Target destroyed")
key.5,key.7=said("Target neutralized")
key.5,key.7=said("Target eliminated")
key.5,key.7=said("Hostile eliminated")

key.5,key.8=said("Is down") or said("Are down")

key.5,key.9=said("Report targets") or said("Report enemies")

//Action (unfortunately it's mostly context)
key.6,key.1=said("heal",3) or said("heal me") or said("heal him") or said("heal that",1)
key.1=said("option 1")
key.2=said("option 2")
key.3=said("option 3")
key.4=said("option 4")
key.5=said("option 5")
key.6=said("option 6")
key.7=said("option 7")
key.8=said("option 8")
key.9=said("option 9")
key.0=said("option 0")

key.8,key.1=said("give me a column") or said("form column") or said("formation column")
key.8,key.2=said("give me a staggered column") or said("form staggered column") or said("formation staggered column")
key.8,key.2=said("give me a double column") or said("form double column") or said("formation double column")
key.8,key.3=said("give me a wedge") or said("form wedge") or said("formation wedge")
key.8,key.4=said("give me an echelon left") or said("form echelon left") or said("formation echelon left")
key.8,key.5=said("give me an echelon right") or said("form echelon right") or said("formation echelon right")
key.8,key.6=said("give me a V") or said("form V") or said("formation V")
key.8,key.7=said("give me a line") or said("form line") or said("formation line")
key.8,key.8=said("give me a compact column") or said("form compact column") or said("formation compact column")
key.8,key.8=said("give me a compact") or said("form compact") or said("formation compact") or said("form file") or said ("formation file")
key.8,key.9=said("give me a delta") or said("form delta") or said("formation delta")
key.8,key.9=said("give me a diamond") or said("form diamond") or said("formation diamond")

key.Enter = said("Go there")
key.Enter = said("Move there")
key.Enter = said("Take that position")
key.Enter = said("Go over there")
key.Enter = said("Move over there")
key.Enter = said("Move to that",1)
key.Enter = said("Go to that",1)

key.1,key.1 = said("stay in formation")
key.1,key.1 = said("stay close")
key.1,key.1 = said("keep formation")
key.1,key.1 = said("return to formation")
key.1,key.1 = said("back to formation")
key.1,key.1 = said("regroup",4)
key.1,key.1 = said("follow me")
key.1,key.1 = said("get back",4)
key.1,key.1 = said("fall back",5)
key.1,key.1 = said("fall back to formation")
key.1,key.1 = said("fall back into formation")
key.1,key.1 = said("form up")
key.1,key.1 = said("return",5)
key.1,key.1 = said("form on me")

key.1,key.2 = said("Advance",5) or said("Take point") or said ("Push up")
key.1,key.3 = said("Stay back",5) or said("Go back",5) or said ("Stay behind") or said ("keep the distance")
key.1,key.4 = said("Flank left") or said("Take the left flank")
key.1,key.5 = said("Flank right") or said("Take the right flank")

key.1,key.6 = said("Stop",5) or said("Halt",5) or said("Stay here",5)
key.1,key.6 = said("Don't move") or said("Stay where you are") or said("Stay there",5)

key.1,key.7 = said("Wait") or said("Wait for me",5) or said("Hold on",5)
key.1,key.7 = said("Let me catch up")

key.1,key.8 = said("Find cover") or said("Get to cover") or said("Take cover")

key.1,key.9 = said("Next waypoint")
key.1,key.9 = said("Move to next waypoint")
key.1,key.9 = said("Go to next waypoint")
key.1,key.9 = said("Proceed to next waypoint")

//Team assignment
key.9,key.1=said("Assign red") or said("You are red") or said("you're team red")
key.9,key.2=said("Assign green") or said("You are green") or said("you're team green")
key.9,key.3=said("Assign blue") or said("You are blue") or said("you're team blue")
key.9,key.4=said("Assign yellow") or said("You are yellow") or said("you're team yellow")
key.9,key.5=said("Assign white") or said("You are white") or said("you're team white")

//Team selection
key.9,key.9,key.1=said("Team red") or said("Red",5)
key.9,key.9,key.2=said("Team green") or said("Green",5)
key.9,key.9,key.3=said("Team blue") or said("Blue",5)
key.9,key.9,key.4=said("Team yellow") or said("Yellow",5)
key.9,key.9,key.5=said("Team white") or said("White",5)

end if

Edited by Suchy_

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Pilfius...unfortunately it doesn't work on Win7 nor Vista

I never installed it after my W7 upgrade, but it did work with my Vista 64bit. ;)

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I never used Vista, just read somewhere it didn't work, so I assumed it was common for 64bit systems. Never the less, Pilfius definitely doesn't work on Win7.

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Yes the reports were mainly that it would show recognising but would action nothing under Win7 (Pilflus).

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just wanted to give you a big thank you for highlighting this program. I've never tried voice recognition before, and I've only got a cheap headset microphone, but it works brilliantly! I'm particularly impressed by how easy it is to edit the profile to add new commands; if you're using Mando-Missile it's an absolute must and it's fantastic to be able to avoid certain death by screaming "Eject" just before the SAM hits your aircraft.

Of course the slight down side is that you feel like a bit of tool when you're talking to your computer, but I don't play Arma to look cool, so what do I care.

Thanks again.

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Just FYI, the optional number in said() function is the expected confidence level.

1 to 3 - partial phrase, where 1 is the fastest but least accurate and 3 is most accurate.

For example said("attack that", 1) will be recognized when you say "attack that position".

4 to 6 - full phrase, where 4 is the fastest. In this case the program will wait a moment to make sure you finished the sentence.

Default value is 2.

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Great stuff!

However, can I change language from english to french?

For example, instead of saying "team Red", if I configure the file and write "équipe rouge", Will it work if I say "équipe rouge"?

Edited by Wiki

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Great stuff!

However, can I change language from english to french?

For example, instead of saying "team Red", if I configure the file and write "équipe rouge", Will it work if I say "équipe rouge"?

Just tested. Yes it works. Just pasted "équipe rouge" on a random command.

Also, i use push-to-talk by adding: Microphone.Enabled = Mouse.Button4

Edited by Ratszo

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This is an awesome piece of kit, for someone who cannot remember which button, for which action!    I have a slight problem, insomuch, that when I watched the Utube video on how to download and install Glove pie, after adding this script, it was saved as voice/ arma3 pie.

I dont understand how the "arma pie" was in the save menu? It wasn't in mine!  

Anybody, please enlighten me.

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