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Flight dynamics (important issues)

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Installed the 1.06 patch and tried the light heli and the medium: same behaviour as before. It's allways a relief to return to X-Plane... ;-)

Which is a shame since the TOH visuals are quite nice and the scenery is short of fantastic. And a propper flightmodel would even make it _easier_ to fly and more fun (there goes the typical gamer/simmer argument)

I was a "Take-On"er of the first hour, pre-ordered, waited patiently, tried the release, was diappointed, followed guys like nightstalker from HC (who _really_ really knows his stuff) through their iterations, and finaly gave up on the game.

Buts thats just my two cents..... ;-)

Best Regards


EXACTLY! For me TOH was the biggest dissapointment ever! If I wasn't into helicopters so much I'd have given up on it long time ago. Now with Freds physics mod light heli can by flyable, still nowhere near xplane 10. That's such a shame that Arma engine which is great for heli sim never got a proper use of it. I appreciate BiS take on this genre, but if they'd listen to Fred Naar and Nightstalker and cooperated with them at the beginning, we'd have 100s of mods by now, heck I believe TOH could eventually replace FSX to some point. It could even compete with awesome x plane 10 (No, really if we only had proper phycis, rest would come surely). Too bad this game is pretty much dead now (with heli4hire being only light in the tunnel)...

I have just finished Return to Shapur mission flying it in sp (no one to play mp with) and it was great time. It could be even better if there were guys from Hovercontrol to fly with...

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