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Take On Modelling

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Welcome to the Modelling section of the Take On Helicopters forum.

We'd like to share a few tips with you, which might help you to find answers to your questions:

  • Before you start a new topic, Search the forum. It's perfectly possible that somebody has asked the same question before and somebody else answered that.
    If you're not sure where to find the button, please consult the following image ;)
    As Take On Helicopters is based on a similar engine as Bohemia Interactive's previous projects, it's recommended to search also in their editing section:

    [*] Visit the Bohemia Interactive Community Wiki (Biki) and search for the answer to your question there. The wiki is a central editing resource and the best place where you can learn about all the game's features. Don't forget to check the section dedicated just to Editing Take On Helicopters and Modelling.

    And if you discover an undocumented feature or solution here on the forum, think about adding its description to Biki and sharing with community.

Enjoy your stay ;)

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