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sling load visual improve

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Hi guys

I have some visual things that can be improved at the sling load

at first the fixing of load.

I think it's not very realistic to fixing the load with one rope in the middle of the load :o. I think it should be look like this;)


Attachment on the helicopter.

It would be nice, there's a hook on the helicopter visible;)

Position of the sling load during the flight.

I have got made a strange photo of the sling load


look at the speed, when you fly with more than 200 kmh, the sling load can never been on this position :rolleyes:

For the final game I think it's too short, to make here some improvements, but I hope for a patch or some mods ;)

greeting Mark

Ps: sorry for my bad english:o

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Thats correct the load should be subjected to drag. Should be simple enough. Apply a drag coefficient let the sim figure out the frontal area which will allow you to calculate the flat plate drag which can then be multiplied by dynamic pressure and bingo, drag force. This is then added to the sum of the forces on the object and the load should now lag behind the helicopter. If wind and gusts actually go into the physics model this can also affect the dynamic pressure on the load and therefore cause the load to bounce around due to wind and turbulence.

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