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Making A Fob Template?

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Hi guys,

I am about to create a series of missions featuring the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani from the PRACS mod.

So, i was wondering how i would make a template for a fob? Do i use the 3d editor? Got any tips?


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3d Editor is nice for placing objects, but if you have a fast computer and some patience you can make some nice stuff in the 2d Editor. I'm not real familiar with the 3d editor, it seemed clunky, and I quickly dropped it. one option, this one is probably something like what you would want, but this only does map placed objects, not editor.

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get use to using:

this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 15];

in objects init, as you will most likely be putting objects ontop of objects, the above line would place an objects 15 meters up, or so it seems.

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sometimes you will have to sit there for a good while to get your ramps lined up just right. One last tip, download some of the templates already out there and look how they built theirs.

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