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How to create an AllInOne config

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It seems there is no thread about dumpConfig in the BIF, so here we go.

dumpConfig by Worldeater


It enables you to write the full current config into a file.

After doing so you have an up-to-date full reference of the A2 config and you can also check if your class overwriting or whatever you are trying to do came through as you wanted it.

So it other words it basically dumps the current config space to the rpt.

Here is the actually release at OFPEC:


Also make sure to check the version by Denisko-Redisko:


And here is an autotest version:


You need to adjust the pathToArma in the batch files and put this autotest folder in the arma directory.

You can also adjust the modfolders, if you want addons/mods to be included.

Finally rename the "Besitzer" (owner) folder to your windows account name, if you want to use its arma2oa.cfg

settings or create a new folder there and copy the file into it.

More on autotest: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma2:_Startup_Parameters#autotest

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I learned about this when you discussed creating AIO config for the Take on Helicopters Beta. I was able to correctly follow your instructions and produced one on my first try.

a testament to your vast knowledge of the Armaverse and ability to explain it effectively. :cool:

thanks for sharing.

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Also check out the Config Parser Script from Prod6112.

It has the awesome feature of alphabetic sorting of classes and parameters. :D

Extremely useful when comparing different configs (plain vs mod for example).

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