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Libyan uprising campaign in WW4mod

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Somebody (Bronze Eagle?) asked about DMA campaign couple of months ago.

So here it is, pimped with WW4mod.

First two parts are ready to play. 2 more will coming.



We tried both of 'em on Zulu's public ww4mod COOP server with 6-7 players.

Updated and improved versions are downloadable from here:


All addons what u need u can find 'em here (better u d/l all):


Heres the addonlist:




































Storyline Part1:

You have no time to loose. M. Gaddafi (M. Kadhafi) must die!! You have only handguns and need rifles to fight! Your team are starting close to market in oase Awoari. Ambush arriving officers at mosque in praytime. Kill 'em all and grab rifles from their car. Use their cars to move forward and seize the weaponry for more guns.



Dead officers by their cars:


short ingame video:

Storyline Part2:

After a successful fight for weapons, we need break into prison and free opposition politician - our leader - Dr. Mahmoud Al-Azija.

Mahmoud is in high-security prison next to Tripoli. An empty truck waiting for us to escape with him and reach the safehouse. Theres a roadblock ahead. Must clear it too.

High security prison in intro:




short ingame video:

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embed YouTube video not working, only white box visible :(

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well, the testing period has ended on Zulus (WIN) server and we uploaded ww4 to LOL clans server.

unfortunately the libyan addonpack(called @Xtra on test server) not compatible with that or somehow not working on Linux :(

we need a little time to finish debug.

until u can try alone, its not so hard for SP too.

ill send u PM when ready to play again.

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