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sas troop

Georgian Armed Forces Mod 1.2 (now with non ACE config)

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GAF Mod, as the name says in fact, as its main objective considers realistic recreation of military forces of Georgia from time period 2008-2010. This is first stable release, mod is still being developed. For now there are regular land forces and vehicles, circa 200-250 units, so you HAVE content to play :) OPFOR is also included in form of South Ossetian militia, together with 3 coop or SP missions and one training mission, rather for new ACE players the mod is based on.

In further development it is planned to release Georgian Army in Afghanistan and then Georgian Special Forces, however I will probably add Ossetian, too. All files are signed and public key is provided in the download.

Have fun!



1. Regular Army, 2008 (Woodland and MARPAT)


2. Reserve, 2008 (Woodland, MARPAT and mixed)


3. Regular Army, 2010 (Multicam)

4. Reserve, 2010 (Multicam)

5. National Guard, 2010 (Multicam)

6. Plenty of static weaponry, both deployed and carried by troops



7. Snipers and spotters

8. Wheeled Vehicles (BTR-70, Humvee, Toyota Hilux, KAMAZ Truck, LandRover, BM-21 Grad)

9. Tracked Vehicles (T-72B, BMP-2, ZSu Shilka)


10. Aerial (Su-25, L-39, Mi-8, Mi-24, Huey)



11. Ossetian militia

12. 3 coop/SP Missions

13. Training Grounds SP Mission

14. Music


More photos however appreciated! :P


GAF Mod 1.2 (Armaholic)

GAF Mod 1.2 (Armedassault.info, Extra units only optionally)

GAF Mod 1.2 (Filefront, 151mb packed data, 286mb unpacked data)

GAF Mod v1.2 NON ACE Config Fix (20kb)

Simply rewrite the config file


Advanced Combat Environment (ACE, ACEX, ACEX_RU)

Extra units and vehicles (only for some missions!)


To run the mod without ACE, you have to make a few steps:

1. Go to your @GAF/Addons folder

2. Find a file named "Georgian_config.pbo"

3. Delete it

4. In the archive, find folder called "No ACE config"

5. Cut/Copy "georgian_config_noace.pbo" info @GAF/Addons folder

6. Done, now you can run the vanilla version of the mod!

What are the changes compared to the new version?

- Standard T-72 model instead of ACE one

- BTR-60 placeholder instead of proper BTR-70

- Less real use units

No units are removed from non ACE version: this means all missions invented for vanilla one will be fully playable on ACE config with proper models, graphics and configuration, like weapon loadouts. This will not work vice versa, ACE-made missions will still not work on vanilla until converted.


Version 1.2:

- Infantry 2010 nearly completely redone, new multicam scheme used

- CREATED NON ACE CONFIG due to numerous requests

- Some minor config fixes etc.

Version 1.1:

- Infantry 2008 compeletely redone

- Created all-in-one configs

- Various smaller fixes

- 2 new MP Missions added in the archive, still beta but playable

- Initial release


- One group does not work properly

- Multicam generally too big, will be fixed in the future

- Possibly regular infantry 2008 will be completely redone

- Other, smaller I know nothing about...


- ComYuri for... circa ~400 messages on BI Forums, twice fulled PM box, hundreds of photos, hours of searching

informations and other crap + textures of Mi-24 and planes, what saved me a lot of work :)

Additionaly Georgian and Ossetian names, training grounds, mass testing and dozens of hours of TS sitting

and explaining me the Georgian systems etc.

- ACE Mod for allowing me to use BTR-70 and T-72B models inside the ACEX (models were AFAIK provided by

3rd party sources) and excellent base for equipment and scripts, as I am aiming to make that mod as realistic

as possible. You are great!

- Rellikki for base of Reserver 2008 thanks to his CRA Troops what saved me hours of model setting and base texture creating

- PvPScene for great support in rewriting the config. You rox mate!

- RealCombat, Pavel, otarius-big, innuendo for betatesting

- R3F Artillery and Logistics' authors as I used that system in some demo missions

- UPSMON creators for... UPSMON, used in one of the demo missions :)

- Bohemia Interactive, for irritating but best game ever anyway

- Various composers and musicians for music used in the mod

Edited by SaS TrooP
Title changed

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I get a error message:

No entry ´bin\config.bin/CfgVehivles/Turrets.scope´. :o



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I get a error message:

No entry ´bin\config.bin/CfgVehivles/Turrets.scope´. :o



i get the same error

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Impressive effort SaS Troop!

Here are fixed and largely improved configs:


You still need to update the units[] for some.

You should read about class inheritance too and defines. This will allow you to reduce

the code for the infantry a lot. I have applied it already for the vehicles.

Also note the new georgian_base config/container.

The requirement of ACE might need improvement too.

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Excellent effort rather on your side PvPscene!

I was never config master and the improvements are really helpful! I don't know however when I will implement them, as soon I think about one big config file as eg. Project 85 has, for easier fixed and additions. I guess I will put everything into one you provided me and test it out.

I have also found bug messages when main menu appears, this is:

1. Garbage in T-72 config, Turrets class was still provided and hooking around, fixed already

2. There is no DsHKM minitripod for ChDKZ what causes more bugs.

Will be fixed tomorrow and soon updated. Both messages however should not affect actual mod.

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Is it possible to use it without ACE? Will only T-72 and BTR-70 will be affected?

Half of the weapons used in the mod came with ACEX like AKM, AKMS, SKS, AK-74M etc.

It will be affected much more then.

@madmusti - Yes, modelling is not that easy, especially APCs which need extra modelled interior also :)

My only model I made for ArmA II was bottle of water, I could do probably some statics, MAYBE easier vehicles, but I will not promise anything for now.

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SaS TrooP, so may we have non-ace version? Maybe with use of vilas' weapon packs and original BTR and T-72 (of RHS and Dractyum's origin).

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About ACE... I consider it as best basis going here and around, providing me much more possibilities than vanilla game and any other core modifications (well, there are no such in fact). I have more realistic design from very beginning, greatest variety of units, scripts already implemented which increase realism and much much more. I am looking for most realistic (as it is said in first post) recreation of Georgian Army and not only, even in cost of lesser interest in the mod... and simply ACE gives me that possibility, because it is not just about the units.

So, at the moment no ACE version is not planned. if you really like you can use it, but you would have no T-72s and BTRs then and I guess you would have to rearm most of the units...

About Vilas and his addons, or I would rather say... controversial decisions of his. No, it is not a place for flame wars that would definitely start out yet today if I said the reason.

Edited by SaS TrooP

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A month after release an update comes in!

2008 infantry has been completely redone, retextured from scratch, I hope it now looks better that previous one:




Also, there is now all-in-one config, which shall allow me to edit any config bugs or add new units more freely. In case something is not working I can re-release just a 0,5mb config file, what saves a lot of bandwidth, right?

I am also considering non-ACE version of the config, but I will not confirm that at the moment.



Also, last release (v1.0):



Is now outdated and should be replaced by new version completely

Even more, very old Georgian Infantry addon:



Is now outdated and should be removed completely



PS: If its possible change the name of the threat just into "Georgian Armed Forces Mod". Remove the current version.

Edited by SaS TrooP

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Nice new release, pity it requires ACE. Otherwise i would use them, do plan to do an non ACE version?

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