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Unit switchable at proper time

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I'm looking for a way to set some switchable unit available after a condition (maybe a trigger)

What command you think of best?

* addSwitchableUnit (maybe is a unit non present in game till that moment?)

* enableTeamSwitch (conditioned for one or more units)

* removeSwitchableUnit (united to addSwitchableUnit)

* teamSwitchEnabled (seems too rigid)

In a SP mission, is better setting multiple units playable in the editor and then hiding them, or specify only the player and set unit by unit playable at a command?

I want that in a part of the story you can play only one unit, and when occurs a condition, you can choose other characters by the teamswitch menu.

I would like also that you can return to the original character at will.

Let's go with suggestions and examples.

Thank you in advance :)

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Wow, I tried addSwitchableUnit unitName and it works.

A normal mission with a player and in a trigger onact: addSwitchableUnit unitName; addSwitchableUnit unitName;

I think you can do it with an array too.

You can change back to the original player and so on.

Sorry for this post that maybe can stay as a reminder.

If you have suggestions or know any kind of related bug, please post here.


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