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[MP-COOP] [2-14 P] Recovery and revenge

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Greetings, let me present you the very first mission I have made (And ended). Back in the end of 2009 or 2010, I have created a mission for the CoB (Clan of Brothers) clan which I belonged to, something just a little bit different from the standarts we used to play at the squad nights, and I guess it wouldn't harm if I share it...


War is taken on Everon, the russian army is fighting against the guerrillas that defend the island, you are one of those guerrillas. After a tough battle your squadron lost control Entre Deux and have split up into 2 teams (White Wolf, a sniper and AT specialist team) and Black Bear (Main assault team), while White Wolf went south Black Bear went north, now it's time to strike back...


The mission consist in capturing Entre Deux and a small but well prepared military base to the east, but before that, you will notice that most of your soldiers lack of ammo and some are even hurt by the last fight, each team will have to take separate ways to a corresponding ammo depot near them, assault it, resupply, and attack Entre Deux back with a tactic of crossfire, be aware that there are BMP's on patrol and some small outposts around the area, once the town is clear, join forces and make a last assault to the military base.

Link to the mission.



This mission requires WW4 v2.5 mod.

I have a no addon (The very first one) version of this one which if anyone asks I would be pleased to share.

Any feedback regarding to bugs is apreciated.

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Hey zanxs for those links... I 'll try your mission in da next weeks and I will tell you...

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