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[SP]Combat Training

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Hey guys,

Just created a new single player mission called "Combat Training for y'all to try :)

Combat Training


- Respawning AI and Player

- Weapon selection and buying

- Kill, Death and Point's

- 30 Kills gets you a BGM-109 Tomahawk Missile

- 55 Kills gets an M1A2 Abrams For support

- 75 Kills gets a GAU-8 strafing run from an A-10

- Basically just shoot at respawning enemy AI's while they shoot back, kinda repetitive but give it a try :)

What you do...!!!

Basicly you spawn, choose a weapon then get sent to a camp for you to defend against the AI, if they die they respawn, if you die you respawn. When you have enough points you can buy new weapons at base to fight them off with!

Issues:vary rarely the player does not respawn and the mission ends (I got to 57 respawns before that happened)


ArmA 2 Combined Ops

ArmA 2 BAF & PMC or the latest patch


Armaholic link to follow..




Abrams, GAU-8 Run

Few scripting fixes

Changed prices for some things


First release

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Sounds very interesting - like Armory on steroids. Will try it tonight



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Nice mission, you may want to try using a silent hint: after a few minutes the constant "ding!" of the hint drives you crazy ;-p

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