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Accurate use of addons

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In a conventional mission the Marines push against

enemy diplomatic and economic areas from the beach

while the ARMY hits the cells from thean enemy base with

Special Ops commando teams helping establish (Ranger).

So a Special Operations mission goes occupy, intel,

strike, while a conventional mission would be base,

sweep, find, attack. General infantry are sent against

general forces. Conventional operators are strategic

forces and then after that is operational and tactical

which brings us to....

special operations-

Their order of battle is to secure, confirm, and extract.

special operators handle security, intel confirmation,

and strikes behind enemy lines to accomplish those

goals on behalf or against non state actors. Lower tiers can

secure platoon size areas or targets rapidly in and out in

"quickies" for fellow spec ops teams or follow on forces.

Smaller strike/intel confirmation teams try not to appear

hostile and go in unexpected with little support. they get

the jump on the enemy alot of times this way and at night

and using various techniques, such as irregular headgear

and weapons, night insertions, infiltration, and stealth, for

effect. Special ops light infantry low level units (Rangers/MEU)

are for general low level rapid special operations, followed

by elite smaller scale intel units like special forces and seals,

and then higher tier black ops units like delta and st6/devgru

hit and rescue higher up non-state actors and their captives.

Higher tier special operations focus on non-state actors and

their captives. Usually different units separate the tasks.

Sound right? Did I forget anything?

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Sound right? Did I forget anything?

In my opinion, yes and no...

Although the Marine’s “specialize†in amphibious assaults, they can be used for other conventional purposes. Also, even though specific units/armies might train for specific types of warfare, when it comes down to it the job has to get done. A commander is going to deploy Marines (or Rangers, or…) if they are needed, regardless of whether or not it is ideal.

Now, would special forces be deployed in conventional warfare? Yes and no. They could be used for recon (as you mentioned) and scout ahead of the main body. Also, what do you consider special forces to be? Are Rangers conventional or special? Is force recon conventional or special, etc.

Would special forces be used in a conventional assault? Perhaps. Say a mechanized armor group is attacking a city and they suspect a particular section of it to be really nasty. Well special forces could be used to deal with that particular situation.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the circumstances of real war may require certain units/armies to be flexible and operate in a function they might not have been intended for.

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when i say sf im talkin green berets. Everyone else i use the generic term commando unit, or irregular unit depending on the mission, counter terror unit, etc.

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