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Low res to high res texture changing anytime

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I have a weird problem on texture resolution change automatically.

I have both DLCs and am running Arma 2 + OA 1.59 version + DLCs.

I patched the game after installed all DLCs.

At the beginning of the custom mission, everything looks fine but soon after medium scaled battle (8 tanks, 250 infantries in the forest) begins, it renders very low res texture. Then the battle goes on, the high res texture comes back and soon after it goes away.

I'm running 1980 resolution with very high setting.

VGA: 580 GTX

Memory: 12 GB

Game installed in SSD

System OS: Win 7 x64

I have changed some option but it just helps a few second. The thread on nVidia users is not fixing this problem.

When I used the 480 GTX, it didn't show very low res texture in that scaled battle. I wonder there is some tweak to solve this problem.


Edit: OK, I found how to fix this problem. Somehow AA + posteffect is causing this problem. I switched them disabled and enabled super sampling. This fixed the problem.

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Strange. Usually Video Memory tends to be at the heart of LOD issues.

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@WaffelO, It is not showing that much low-end texture...lol.

Mine is like below normal texture setting. Anyways, I think the problem is caused by some memory size information mismatching between the game and the driver.

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