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AEG - ArmA Electrical Grids (Script Pack and Addon)

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AEG - ArmA Electrical Grids

Script Pack and Addon for ArmA 2, OA, and CO

by Loyalguard

Development Status: General Release

Current Version: 1.01

Download: MediaFire 9MB

Download is 9MB but AEG itself is only 600K. The download is larger because it contains both the script and addon versions, several demo missions, and documentation and images for mission makers.





The ArmA Electrical Grids (AEG) project simulates electrical power grids throughout various islands in the ArmAverse. The simulation features power plants with smokestacks that emit smoke when generating electricity. Substations or poles with transformer that emit a humming noise when energized. Street lights are turned off when power is cutoff.


-Multiple supported islands: Chernarus, Utes, Takistan, Zargabad, and Qom Province.

-Power plants with working smokestacks and power plant noises.

-Electrical substations that emit a transformer humming noise when energized.

-Area/City/Town/Neighborhood pole mounted transformers that emit a transformer humming noise when energized.

-Ability to interrupt power by destroying components or, if enabled by mission makers, by manually tripping circuit breakers via the action menu (if tripped, breakers can again be closed to restore power). Manually switching circuit breakers can cause arc flash explosions if enabled by the mission maker.

-Mission makers can enable players to remotely logon to grid control software and substation video feeds via custom dialog.

-Grid redundancy - if certain components go offline, power automatically switches to secondary circuits when available.

-Built-in task/objective support via global/public variables (with examples).

-Fully SP, MP, Team Switch, JIP, and persistent mission compatible. Each mode is optimized for minimal performance impact. JIP is self-contained and does not require onPlayerConnected code.

-Backward compatible with CEG (Chernarus Electrical Grid) for functionality purposes on Chernarus and conflict avoidance.

-Extensive documentation for mission makers and players. Easy implementation into any mission.

-Fully featured demo missions for each island.

-Available in script only (no addons required) and addon versions. Addon version automatically adds AEG to any mission on supported islands.


-ArmA 2 v.1.10 or higher for Chernarus and Utes. ArmA 2 OA (or CO) v.1.59 or higher for Takistan, Zargabad, and Qom Province.

-The addon version of AEG requires Community Based Addons (CBA), more specifically, Extended Event Handlers (XEH) to be installed and loaded in order to function. CBA can be found at most ArmA2 content download sites. The script version does not require any addons.

-For multiplayer missions, AEG must be running on the server and all clients to function correctly. This is automatic for the script version since it is included in the mission.

-See readme.txt in download folder for additional details.


v.1.01 - 29 Oct 2011


ADDED: Support for Qom Province by Tupolov.

IMPROVED: Cleaned up initialization code for some scripts.

IMPROVED: Fixed typos/formatting in comments in various scripts.

IMPROVED: Cleaned up config.cpp for addon version.

IMPROVED: Gave units names in all demos.

CHANGED: Added instructions in missionmaker.txt to convert demo missions to work exclusively with the addon version.

FIXED: Corrected Marker links for documentation in the Zargabad demo briefing.

FIXED: Added briefing.html file to Zargabad demo.

v.1.00 - 14 Oct 2011


-IMPROVED: Cleaned up code in island functions for uniformity.

-IMPROVED: Inserted explanatory comments in variable initialization block of all island functions.

-IMPROVED: Adjusted smoke particle source in Chernogorsk to better align with smokestack.

-IMPROVED: Added a server/client version to check to ensure the server and client are running the same version of the AEG addon. If not, The AEG client version will abort and will display a side chat message to alert the player.

-IMPROVED: Standardized Demo mission markers.

-ADDED: Additional documentation for mission makers added to each demo mission briefing to include use of circuit breakers via the action menu, the remote control system, and node descriptions and diagrams.

-ADDED: Additional an "Intelligence" subfolder to each demo mission with images in .paa format that can be used for AEG related tasks/objectives via briefings and hints.

-IMPROVED: Cleaned up readme.txt and missionmaker.txt files and added information on demo briefings and Intelligence folders.

-ADDED: Added islandmaker.txt to give guidance to island makers who want to design realistic electrical grids on custom islands and that can be easily supported by AEG.

v.0.90 - 10 Sep 2011


Initial Beta Release


Electrical Distribution Zone Map (Color Coded)


Remote System Control Dialog


Built-in CCTV System


In-Game Documentation


Demo Video:


Developer Notes:

The ArmA Electrical Grids (AEG) Project for ArmA 2 & A2OA is the third installment of realistic electrical grid simulations for the ArmA series. In addition to continuing support for Chernarus, AEG also adds support for Takistan, Zargabad, Utes, and custom made islands. The simulation is no longer tied to specific islands and new islands can be added as needed.

Beginning with Sahrani Electrical Grids (SEG), followed by Chernarus Electrical Grid (CEG), and now with AEG, the developer’s goal has been to realistically simulate electrical grids for ArmA modeled on existing map objects (no new objects/models). The simulation's core function is to monitor the integrity (damage and connections) of electrical grid components (power plants, substations, and local transformers) and interrupt "power" to affected areas when integrity is lost or diminished. Power interruptions cause street lamps to turn off (other light sources are unaffected).

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions please post them!

If you are a custom island maker and want to include your island in the AEG simulation (requires no modification of your island), please feel free to contact me.

Edited by Loyalguard
1.01 Release mirrors

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I'm happy to see this project is alive, as CEG is already a must have for me. Thanks for your work :).

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Testing and tweaking has been going well so I thought I would provide a progress update and release the features video and some screen captures (See the first post). The way I have been able to expand the simulation to islands without power plants and substations is to modify the code to work with any map object (even if it does not have a config class). For Takistan, Zargabad, and Utes I have enabled the below transformer poles to control power to street lamps:


They function just like the large substation transformers on Chernarus in that you manually control power with the action menu or destroy them to cut off power to nearby street lamps. Adding classless objects to the simulation initially broke the action menu, JIP, respawn, team switch, and other compatibility but those have all been fixed and re-implemented.

I hope to have final pre-beta testing and packaging done by next weekend...Check back soon for beta announcement!

Edited by Loyalguard

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I've added a power station/grid network to Qom Province, with the hope one day this script might work on a custom map.

Will it work with pre-placed powerstation, transformer objects?



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I've added a power station/grid network to Qom Province, with the hope one day this script might work on a custom map.

Will it work with pre-placed powerstation, transformer objects?

Yes! The simulation will work with ANY object: standard, custom, or map-only. It is not automatic however, you do have to designate what objects you want to be part of the simulation and what effects they will have on the grid. This is a fairly easy process as long as you know how you want the grid to function and then make the appropriate changes to the scripts. I have re-designed the simulation to be modular and add new islands with the addtion of a few new island specific scripts/functions.

I am happy to work with you to design how the grid functions (per your wishes as the island maker) and then add support for your island to AEG.

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@ Foxhound and Old Bear,

Thank you for the mirrors! Armaholic and Armed Assault Info have always supported my projects! Much appreciated!

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Thank you to everyone for the kudos so far!

Congrats on the release. Any other islands planned to recieve this upgrade? ;)

@IceBreakr: I would love to include your suite of islands if you approve! I am only taking on custom islands with the concurrence of their creators because I do not want interfere with their creative visions. All integration of other islands is done in close coordination and consultation. Integrating an Island with AEG does NOT require any changes to the island....only modification to the AEG code.

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Send me your messenger/skype info on private. Lingor has a new powerplant in Calamar. I might add new transformators to villages/towns and other objects, you just have to tell me where and what ;)

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This seems like a very cool tool for island makers. As a humble player, I am wondering to what extent the OPFOR AI is affected by lights-out at night?



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The ability for the AI's vision to be affected by light was added a while back, if memory serves.

Causing a blackout helps to keep you hidden at night (provided the foes aren't glassing you with NODs). :)

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Progress Update

I have not received any negative feedback or bug reports so I am preparing a 1.0 release package this weekend. I have only made a few small tweaks to the simulation that do not affect gameplay.

The only other consistent feedback I received during beta were requests for better documentation for mission makers as well as Island makers. I am in the process of including all relevant mission maker info in each island's demo mission briefing so it can be accessed in-game with links to the map for ease of planning. There will also be an "intell" package for mission makers to use to help create their own briefings that have AEG-related tasks/objectives. I am also putting together some guidance for island makers on how to design electrical grids on their island that are realistically portrayed and can be supported by AEG.

After the 1.0 release, I am concentrating on adding some custom islands at the request of their creators...more updates on those efforts soon.

If you have created a custom island and want to have it be supported by AEG please send me a PM.

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Very good work!

I didn't notice you expanded the support of CEG to other islands. I was using it permanently for Chernarus.

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