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[MP] Tournament Of Shadows (W.I.P.)

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Hello everybody!

In this thread i'd like to promote a project with working title "Invisible War". It is supposed to become a bunch of multiplayer missions consolidated by common plot, atmosphere and basic concepts.

All actual info concerning the project and its state will be published here in the post (first post of the thread) by the updating its content.

Current project state:


Project description:

1) The preamble:

The idea of this project has came from some dissatisfaction i've got while playing ArmA2 in mp mode. In some games i played i've been disappointed by such things as: predictability of game process continuation, unambiguous R.O.E., limited pool of objective goals realisations, different level of game involvement depending of the game slot u use, underestimation or ignorance of role of some military services (i.e. support and logistics).

Being familiar with ArmA 2 engine possibilities i've decided to try to combine some existing scripts and develop some new assembling them into one bunch serving the ideas declared above.

2) Basics ideas and principles for Invisible War missions series:

*) Only TvT, every side must be represented by real online players

*) The playground (at least places of objectives) must be populated with local ambient civilians and traffic, represented by bots

*) At least one side must have slots with identities of local civilians

*) The military side bots must be loyal to civilians except situations of civilian aggressive or suspicious behaviour

*) Mechanism of identity changing presence (possibility to killing smbd and take his clothes and gear)

*) Logistics for ability transportating static objects (like ammo crates, static weapons and some construction untis)

*) Different explosion and detection systems imitating real life instances

*) The objective must have flexible definition to provide different ways of realisation

*) The basic briefing must be provided far before the day of the planned game and both teams has to work out a few variants of plan and its execution - this condition must be a result of principle "individual skills means nothing in front of teamplay"

3) Project mission:

To create missions with desired authentic game style and atmosphere and share ideas with community players who have similar preferences for gameplay. Also to find players who eager to try such gaming and may help with mission testings or suggesting something matching projects ideas to be implemented in.

You are welcome to ask questions. Later i will specify the first set of scripts i'm going to implement into missions - i will specify the functionality they provide. Hope your feedback will help me to find some new solutions.


The project can now be tracked at http://projects.sofasoldiers.com/projects/invisible-war where u can add ur suggestions, request a feature or report a bug.

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To make things clear there is a simplified mission example:

Simple example of mission (to make things clear):

3 sides: Guerillas, Army, Security service.

Place of action: Fallujah city.

Plot: a former president of country is going back after actual government was dethroned. Forced by bluefor administration he is a candidate to become a new country leader and his purpose is to visit few places in city to increase his popularity before the elections.

Security service objectives: to escort candidate to city hotel, secure his presence and provide his visits to three public places where he has to appear at exact time each, after this he has to live the city back.

Army objectives: to execute secret service officers commands while they are present at the city

Guerillas objective: to not allow candidate become a president whatever the cost. That might be done if candidate will late on one of 3 events he has to visit at exact time each or if he will be eliminated.

So, guerillas can eliminate VIP in one of three places he has to visit or on his way to/from the city or a tthe hotel where he have to stay between the events.

Army objective is to obey to security service and help them with their work but they have their own ROE and directives and do not have to risk their soldiers lifes if they decide that risk is too high.

Security service has to provide defence to VIP, they have few slots for spies dressed like civilians who can walk into the city near the places of upcoming events and watching for suspicious activity. But if army bots detect them with weapons they will open fire supposing that they are guerillas. Also security service has right to open fire on suspicious civilians with lesser penalties. Due to small personal staff security service will have to deal with army to send their patrols to check zones spotted by their spies.

At the same time since the city will be populated with civilian and blueforce military bots, guerillas are able to kill bot or player and change identity to feign as a military and trying to get as closer as possible to the event place secured by soldiers or bodyguards. Bodyguards and army will not be able to determine where the bot is and where the real player is in civilians crowd. With usage of sniper rifles and advanced bomb types and explosion mounting techniques guerillas have a variety of ways to assasinate the VIP. At the same time having huge advantage of personal staff, bodyguards with army support can check and secure big squares and control whole sectors. They also can transportate VIP by heli or escorting his car convoy in the city with MRAP vehicles to be invincible for guerillas city ambushes.

So all sides has to develop few plans before game start to be ready proper react to other side action. I.e. if guerillas has developed road ambush plan and bodyguards decide to use heli to deliver VIP to event place then road ambush plan get ruined automatically and guerillas have to use another plan and they will have no time to develop anything serious during the gameplay.

Thats a simplified example of how mission can look like.

That might be no problem for u to guess that i was inspired by well known game Hitman Code 47 and also some movies about special services like Nikita.))

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Dear friends, i'm happy to inform you that after a huge delay of few months i'm back and gonna to proceed further with this project. I have launched a project tracker so now the project can be tracked at http://projects.sofasoldiers.com/projects/invisible-war where u can add ur suggestions, request a feature or report a bug.


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