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Serverside Issue (You Cannot Play/Edit etc.)

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So basically, recently our server has started refusing to play most missions. Once you log onto the server as an admin and choose a mission to start, it will allow you to choose slots and then will load the map, but will then subsequently revert to the 'Wait For Host' page and give the following message in the chat area exactly like this:

You cannot play/edit this mission it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.

Now, this was occurring with a lot of missions so I decided to make a mission without any addons. So to begin with, I dropped down three groups of playable soldiers, and 3 empty armored vehicles, and tested that on the server. It ran fine. So I thought great, and finished that quick mission off, adding plenty of AI, a description.ext for respawning and quite a few objects including an entire base for the enemy, and it threw up the error now.

I made this mission while running no addons, and checked the mission.sqm for any addons that shouldn't be there. It all seemed normal though, listing only CA addons as expected. So I'm quite baffled now, and would hugely appreciate some help :)

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Most likely from: [AS] Editor Update - Full

a) either you have it on the server

b) some client has it who builds mission for you

Thanks for the reply. As I said, I made the mission myself and ensured that no addons were listed in the .SQM and afterwards when it was compiled into a .PBO too.

However I will check if deactivating it on the server helps.

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