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co08 Domination Zargabad

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hi guys

i am new here

and in my freetime i portet the new domination to zargabad

better sayd i tryed and think it runs good

me is a big fan of Domination and there sidemissions so i wanted to play that in zargabad becaus i like city warfare and cleaning districts

Name: co08Domination2.60.Zargabad

Version: dont know i try to eliminate bugs so i can ;)

Needed Content: Combined Operations (ArmA II + Operation Arrowhead) /

Island: Zargabad

Daytime: Changeble

Type: Coop

Playerside: West

Respawn: Revive and respawn

Extrainfo: Try to port domination to Zargabad

Download: Domination Zargabad Co-08

comments are welcome but no bad flaming

and thanks to xeno for great domination

dont give so much to these haters ;)

Edited by Daio
change download from megaupload to armaholic

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yes nothing is impossible

un pbo and edit :P

how many players you need or want?

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Enough for two squads I believe ..... about 16

And as for unPBOing can you recommend a program to do this and I'll give it a whack ...... though I got a feeling I might be lost in a jungle without a road map.

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howdy, nice port for smaller groups!! thx 4 your work and time with this m8!

are there more than 4 main objectives as shown in the serverparamters or is there a mistake?!? we only played 3 objektives and 3 sides missis and then had to stop! but later i checked the parameters, cause i came later and saw, that there are only 4 main objectives :butbut:

besides that, after a few hours both mhq's suddenly disappeared from the base whilst we wanted to lift one with a heli! and after a while (a few minutes later), one mhq just spawned back again on the airfield where it "disappeared" before?!!? well, will gonna check it out again with my m8s tonight, cause we wanna help xeno to find a bug with his tremendous new revive he has writen and thats already included in your 2.6ae domi port in an early version as a test for future projects i guess.

anyway, thx 4 the port soldier!

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yes i have only 4 main objektivs because i dont know how many works on this small map

some fixes and changes i made since release to my own version when i think its enought i release the update

to the mhq thing i have does no changes to the vehicles that are from xenos mission

what means after a few hours? :P i played up to 3 or 4 hours and it dont despawnt or i dont noticed that

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