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What weapons/vehicles would you like to see in ArmA 3?

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Some futuristic counterparts of light vehicles with AT/AA launchers like the HMMWV TOW or the BRDM ATGM would be nice to have.

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I just want more low tech current day gear.

Less thermals more complexity.

Would also love for the mortars to get revamped something close to what is in ACe.

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The game is in the future, and in the future there's going to be a lot of more thermals less complexity. I would suggest waiting for ACE 3 to come out. Shouldn't be too long before an alpha version of ACE 3 is released.

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What i'd like to see... Well, let me break it down with modern gear for everyone. My complete glorious list of vehicles and gear that fit with Arma 3 perfectly. Here we Go!



ULCV or, Ultra Light Combat Vehicle Which is far superior to the flimsy Quad bike. This vehicle would have the off road capabilities for rough terrain, and could probably out run any heavier vehicles that might want to destroy to pursue it.



A Basic modernized LHD, Static until the new attachtowithmovement ordeal has been advanced enough to the point where we can get that kind of tech to have movable vehicles with man class and vehicle class able to move about.



EC-155 for scout/transport and light attack. Lets just say they took a Civilian Helicopter and armed it with what they could using resources from Both the Civilian side, and former AAF members. Imagination BIS, imagination.




Something from China... the only faction i can't really request anything for at the moment... Only that it would be great BIS if you could make the Interior for the Tempest Repair, and use that as the transport covered instead, and re model a better Repair version.



So for the AAF, i'd like to also give them an attack helicopter. The Eurocopter Tiger (probably already requested), since it's from Europe, and AAF are packing European military equipment.



A bigger boat for water based defense purposes, i mean they are an Island country, with only one small attack boat? Come on now. I vote that AAF should recieve a medium patrol/attack craft.



The AAF need another aircraft, so i recommend the JAS-39 Gripen for their forces. Possibly the two seater version, because we didn't get to mess around with 2 seat Fixed wing too much in Arma 2, as there was only one plane on Opfor that fit the role.



The most undermined group in Arma 3 ATM, so what i'm going to do is break it down into pieces.

Regular Civilian

The EC-155. A Dedicated Civilian Helicopter of the Altian People, Both VIP, and regular version for Civilian transport, and Utility. This helicopter can take on the role of many jobs, including Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and even strain Sling Load jobs due to it's powerful engines. It's also very good looking, and would fit the beautiful enviornment of Altis, with it's sleek and sexy looks, and retractable landing gear.

http://www.aircraftrecognition.co.uk/images/Aircraft/Helicopters/Eurocopter/ec-155/ec155.13892128_std.jpg (108 kB)

http://airbushelicoptersinc.com/images/products/EC155/EC155-01-lr.jpg (1067 kB)


More Civilian Motor Vehicles/Cars and SUV's. Because of the rough terrain, most of the population is likley to own SUV's, Offroad's, and Jeeps. So it'd be nice to have some more of those Land Rover style SUV's/Vans.



A prop plane of some sort, much like the Foxbat, a two seat Ultra Light Aircraft with one prop.


Something different and not seen before. the EC-X3. Heli/Plane thing that would look amazing in Arma 3. Basically remodel the EC-155 and add some extra functions and model parts for a more complex Plane Heli.


The water Car. Why? Because it's 2035, and were on an island. WHY NOT! Enbraace the Ability to make a Car turn into a boat and back into a car Again! It's Already in the Engine!!!!!


http://www.gadgetreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/003-watercar-panther.jpg (345 kB)




Magpul Masada in 5.56

Other modern guns 2010 and up...








Modern SKS with rails and stock. Semi automatic.


Current Modern FN-FAL with Rails, or modernized further. (Para FAL was well)


Law Enforcement/PMC

7-10 Round mag of Beowulf 50.

That's all i got for right now, and it's late so my list isn't going to be as high quality as it could have been if i were not half asleep.

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Biological Weapons and Countermeasures.

Chemical Weapons and Countermeasures.

Electronic Warfare Systems.

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The whole French army with Leclerc MBT, Tiger attack helicopter, Rafale jet, Caiman and Caracal transport helicopter, FELIN system for infantry, etc...

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Just some boats ...

... some static one :

-"Mistral" BPC and/or USS "Wasp" LHD

... some moving :


-Landing Catamaran (L-CAT)

-"Sterenn Du" naval drone/ ASDS carrier

- small trawler

and totally out of place in a military game some out of time traditional sail boats "pointu" or "felouques"


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