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Help with Ai reinforcements healing another ai SOLVED!!

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Part of my mission involves an ai tram mate investigating an ied, the ied explodes and the ai is injured using setDamage command.

No at this point the player radios a medivac chopper which arrives and a group eject and secure the area, the group includes a medic who iv ungrouped upon the landing of the medivac.

What i want to happen is the medic to go to the injured ai perform a heal anim which then revives the injury and they all board chopper and leave, leaving the player to continue with his mission.....

Ive tried this script...

a2 doMove getpos injury;
sleep 2;
a2 dowatch injury;
sleep 1;
a2 playmove "AinvPknlMstpSlayWrflDnon_medic";
sleep 4;
injury setDamage 0;
injury removeAllWeapons this;
injury switchMove "";
a2 switch move "";
[injury] join a2; 

Note the medic is called a2 and the injury is called injured.

It doesnt work!!!!!


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