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Take on Helicopters, E3 coverage (reveals)

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Website: http://takeonthegame.com/

Forums: http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?f=109

Trailer 2011 E3:


Take On Helicopters E3 trailer released!

Bohemia Interactive, the award-winning independent game development studio,

is pleased to announce the release of the brand new Take On Helicopter trailer video,

captured exclusively for the E3 Expo 2011 in Los Angeles.

Along with the presentation of Take On Helicopters,

the developers are going to showcase the playable versions of the long awaited sci-fi action game Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

and the recently announced, latest installment in the critically acclaimed mil-sim series, Arma 3.

Check out the video either at our booth (South Hall, Booth #2803) or on the Take On official Youtube channel

and meet the dedicated developers of the presented titles in the biggest E3 presentation of Bohemia Interactive to date.

The upcoming all-new helicopter game is built on 10 years of experience with the development of complex military simulators.

Immersing players in beautifully rich landscapes and an authentic helicopter experience,

players will prove their flight skills in exciting challenges while mastering authentic rotor-wing flight dynamics and creating their own missions.

Some of the key features of Take On Helicopters include:

  • High fidelity flight dynamics model
  • Richly modelled helicopters & cockpits
  • Expansive & detailed environments
  • Powerful & intuitive mission editor
  • Multiplayer - co-op & competitive scenarios

To learn more about the project please visit the official website at www.takeonthegame.com.

Check the recently released Community FAQs.

Follow Take On Helicopters on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to get all the latest information about their games:

Take On Helicopters on Facebook

Take On Helicopters on YouTube

Take On Helicopters on Twitter

Announcement page: http://www.bistudio.com/index.php/english/home/news/projects/227-take-on-helicopters-e3-trailer-released


Gamespot covered Take On Helicopters in live coverage from E3



Bohemia Interactive games to see :

2:13 = Carrier Command

2:21 = Take On Helicopters

2:40 = ARMA 3






Edited by Dwarden

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i am sorry Dwarden, but the gamespot cams are now showing nothing more than the "highlights"... :(

but the whole presentation is here! ;)


really looking forward to this one!

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Yep, looks great!!!

I wonder how important it will be to leave the helicopter during missions.

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Public beta next month sounds promising. :cool:

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OMG, my X65F, and Rudder Peddals are drooling oil out their filters. and i'm peeing in my pants... where do i get signed up?

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Take On Box Art!

-"We're busy finalising a few bits and pieces ahead of our Q4 release, including our box art, which goes some way toward bringing together some of the core design goals of the Take On Helicopters project."-

And here it is :)

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