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JSDF MOD 1.0 released

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We JSDF MOD staff released "JSDFMOD".

This MOD includes - soldiers, aircrafts, cars, helos ,weapons,ship and ace2_config.

*updated 1.43*




----------------1.43 changelog from 1.37---------------------
   (JSDF_Air)  T-4
   (JSDF_vehA) Type61 tank
   (JSDF_vehA) Type74 tank
   (JSDF_vehA) Type73 APC
   (JSDF_vehA) Type96 APC/B (M2MG)
   (JSDF_Man)  Carlgustav's flare script
   (JSDF_AirH) SH60's damage texture
   (JSDF_Air)  P3C's wrong gear animation
   (JSDF_vehA) LAV's rtm files of driver & gunner
   (JSDF_vehA) type96 APC's gunner optic
   (ACE2)      All tank's weapons use ACE's parent class
   (JSDF_AirH) copilots have "fakeweapon"
   (JSDF_vehA) crew don't use internal lod
----------------1.37 changelog from 1.31---------------------
   (JSDF_VesA) JMSDF Type Murasame(test release, near future classname may change)
   (JSDF_AirH) UH-1H,UH1J
   (JSDF_veh)  type73 1.5t truck(BXD30)
   (JSDF_veh)  type73 3.5t truck(SKW475)
   (ACE2)      tracks and cars add memorypoint "memoryPointSupply" for towing script
   (JSDF_Wep)  110mm launcher's rvmat (emmisive[]={1,1,1,1} to {0,0,0,1})
   (JSDF_Wep)  disappear type89 rifle's parts when put rifle to land
   (JSDF_Wep)  too many riflegrenade can take
   (JSDF_VehA/AirH) Type89 FV and AH1 appear vanilla and ace2config
   (JSDF_Wep)  stop riflegrenade's script because rifle's modelspecial crushs game(when 1st personview to 3rd)
   (JSDF_Veh)  LAV's texture became little dirty
   (JSDF_Air)  tentative class of JSDF AH1 missile(JSDF_test_TOWLauncher)
   (JSDF_Veh)  KLX two person can ride
   (JSDF_Veh)  KLX's texture & rvmat
   (JSDF_Veh/vehA) add selectionRight/LeftOffset for newest patch
(peca config for ACE2)
   some dropped magazines use ACE2 model
   recoil use ACE's.
   some ammo models use ACE's
   scopes adjusted ACE's
   deleted unnecessary reference of backpacks
   add cargo element to CAR/APC baseclass
   changed baseclass of JSDF handgrenades for ACE's throw effect
   add ACE_CREWSERVED class for minimi mag
   reduced initspeed for type64 rifle's mag
   FCS element for type90 tank's class
   add carlgustav's WPmag using ACE's WP effect
   reduced backblast for pf3 mag
   LMAT's  mag using javelin's element
   changed riflegrenade's hitpoint
   deleted ATsoldier's backpack
   changed CAR/APC baseclass
   type90 tank's gunner can use thermalview
   LAV's armor element
   minimi mag added to LAV
   use ACE's optics to M2 carlgustav
   LMAT's/P220's weight
   sight adjust for M24 rifle
   removed zero-in to type62mg with scope/NV , type89 CQB
   enable off-on NV to type62mg/type64 with NV
   add riflegrenade's optic for type89/64 rifles
   removed BIS's ballisticscomputer for ACE's FCS
   add ACRE's config
   deleted LAV's car radio
----------------1.31 changelog from 1.28---------------------
   (ACE2)      ACE2 config isn't include config(binalized miss)
   (JSDF_VehA) Type89 FV is hide (because this causes arma2 crush)
----------------1.30 changelog from 1.28---------------------
   (JSDF_Wep)  Type06 Rifle Grenade(JSDF_M_RG_22_APAV) for type89/64 Rifles
   (JSDF_VehA) Type90 TK
   (JSDF_VehA) Type89 FV
   (JSDF_Man)  Balaclava texture(jsdf_Face01_camob to jsdf_Face09_camob)
   (ACE2)      XEH(3.1.0) syntax probrem
   (ACE2)      LAV's minimi magazine reloadtime is zero
   (JSDF_AirH) CH47's heavier geometry
   (ACE2)      LAV's minimi uses "ACE_200Rnd_556x45_T_M249"
----------------1.28 changelog from 1.27---------------------
   (JSDF_Man)  JGSDF_Engineer
   (ACE2)      "@JSDFMod_ACE" folder and logo
   (etc)       jsdf_marker by Strato
   (ACE2)      JSDF_W_MG_MINIMI_static for LAV(recoil reduced)
   (JSDF_VehA) wrong cfgpatches syntax
   (JSDF_Air)  767 elevator's direction
   (ACE2)      Type96 WAPC's smoke launcher effect
   (JSDF_Wep)  type89 CQB eye's position
   (JSDF_Wep)  type89 rifle's dotsize
   (JSDF_Veh)  kawasaki KLX 250's wheel won't invisible
   (ACE2)      tough Wheel's hit point
----------------1.27 changelog from 1.19---------------------
   (JSDF_Wep)  DotSight of Type89 5.56mm Rifle
   (JSDF_Veh)  kawasaki KLX 250
   (JSDF_VehA) LAV(Light Armoured Vehicle)
   (JSDF_VehA) Type96 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier
   (JSDF_Man)  defaultHead faces(disabled = 1;)
   (ACE2)      large hit range of handgranades
   (ACE2)      wrong meter indication of m3 carl gustav
   (JSDF_Veh)  error message of vehicle number script.
   (etc)       wrong title logo position
   (JSDF_Man)  change "Custom class head" from "AsianHead_PMC" to "defaultHead"
----------------1.18 changelog from 1.09---------------------
   (JSDF_Veh) HMV(High Mobility Vehicle)
   (JSDF_Veh) random number script for 0.5t trucks
   (JSDF_Veh) low resolution lods for 0.5t trucks
   (JSDF_Man) random camo pattern script for JGSDF soldiers
   (ACE2)     0.5t trucks config
   (ACE2)     HMV config
   (JSDF_Man) not working ramdom AI face
   (ACE2)     wrong ace_sys_air_rwr_threat_img
   (JSDF_Wep) cfgpatches's required addon probrem
   (JSDF_Veh) number plate's damage texture was too high resolution
   (JSDF_Veh) unify V13 models
   (JSDF_Air) adjust wheelsteeringsensitivity
   (JSDF_Veh) Hide V13 class (MP , TrailerGuide)
   a folder that have wrong configs at "jsdf_veh\w\"
----------------1.09 changelog from 1.0----------------------
P3C's rudder direction probrem          FIXD
type62's wrong aim point                FIXD
thermanl view texture probrem           FIXD
muzzle flash probrem                    FIXD
rifle shadow probrem                    FIXD
low lods soldier's white face           FIXD
launchers wrong rtm                     FIXD
UH60's main rotor stops(lod,shadow)     FIXD
AH1's weapon effect                     FIXD
MINIMI's aimpoint is out of potision	FIXD
type64 sniperlifle's scope texture	FIXD
Medic's config element                  FIXD
PF3 rocket's scope                      FIXD
M24's magazine(4+1)                     CHANGED
UH60/H47 new geometry                   CHANGED
PF3 rocket's speed                      CHANGED
hide type64 sniper(night)soldier        CHANGED
copilot is turret                       CHANGED
type89/MINIMI sight adjust              CHANGED
JSDF_Veh                                ADDED
Soldier's google animation              ADDED
PF3 rocket's texture                    ADDED
type85 radio(JGSDF_Backpack3)           ADDED
type62MG's recoil changes ACE's one     FIXD
type85 radio(JGSDF_Backpack3_ACE)       ADDED
type89/type64's zero in                 ADDED
type89's bipod                          ADDED
use ACE2's 5.56mm/7.62mm ammo           CHANGED
Hide AH1 class because of some error	CHANGED
M2 Carl's rangefinder                   DELETED
M24's zeroin(BIS)                       DELETED

description :

This MOD simulates Japan Self-Defense-Forces.

jsdf_ace2_config adds 'some elements for ACE2' to this MOD.

Also this pbo replaces backpacks with 'backpacks for ACE2'.

HowTo remove track's hood (tracks means 0.5t/1.5t/3.5t/HMV):

this setvariable ["hood",0];

If you don't use ace2 and ACRE, remove "@JSDFMod_ACE" "@JSDFMod_ACRE" directory.

download links :

MultiUpload size: 228.15 MB

Edited by Gachopin

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Nice one! Will definitely be giving this a go

Good job JSDF team!

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The type 64 night scope blocks vision qwhen you are not using it.

All planes and choppers feel too "light" and the RVMATs are too reflective IMHO

Wonderful the amphibious Shin-Maeiwas, but they feel too light too

Will continue testing

If you need help config'ing the ships just tell me. I have worked in other ships and I have a certain experience

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On Picture i see an "AWACS".

I cant find it in the Editor. Can Anybody help me ?



Edit : All clear ! I simply overlooked the "AWACS".

Edited by (ST6)Predator

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awacs is J.A.S.D.F -> Air -> E767.

I should named E767 to "E767 awacs" :)


We don't have enougth imformation about type 64 (NV).But that is really big size.

And I'll adjust some rvmats.


thank you :)

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Wonderful job guys and thank you very much for the SH60, we finally have the great SH60 in ARMA2, I love it.

Testing I have seen that the damping of SH60 landing gear might not work after takeoff.


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Top work, nice to see JSDF in ArmA 2/OA. Cant wait to see more goods, keep the good work up:ok:

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Really nice mod, adds a lot to the game.

Hope you will allow the SH60 to get a USN skin someday. ;)

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Pity we dont have SPON_3D holomap anymore for the AWACS ..... that would just have been GREAT !

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In case someone is looking for missions with JSDF - the latest A&S Pro Mode supports it now. :)

The game mode is essentially Attack and Defend mixed with Assault and Secure.

Similar to PUSH from Project Reality for example or StopWatch from Enemy Territory.

It has a strong AI mode - so you can play alone or friends with or against AI too.

To play with the desired modset or combo of modsets for both West and East side,

host the missions or run them on a dedicated server.

In the parameters in the mission lobby, you can select easily the modsets of your preference.

Only make sure to have all required addons loaded both on the client and server.

For questions, visit the A&S Pro Mode thread. Have fun. :bounce3:

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I tested out these units this morning and really enjoyed this mod alot. The quality of the infantry is excellent and the aircraft are very nice. I REALLY hope that you guys port over some of the excellent fighter planes from your old OFP mod (as well as the tanks). My favorite was the Mistubishi fighter planes. At any rate a few notes for areas of improvement: On the 737 AWACs and tanker, I hear a C130 sound mixed with the jet sound. Please remove the C130 sound as that sounds very wierd. On the amphibious planes, I'd recommend perhaps using a modified version of the P3 Orion cockpit as a quick way to improve the interior. Also the biggest issue was that cargo sections were missing from all of the airplanes. If the amphibious aircraft for example had a nice cargo section for troops, it would be an excellent plane for dropping off commandos up on a beach. Also the P3 Orion should be armed at least with anti-ship missiles like the Harpoon. Torpedoes would be nice, but would require Mando missiles which sadly interferes with ACE. The P3 Orion can also carry a large range of other weapons. Likewise on the SH-60 I hope it gets some type of anti-ship missile and also I hope that the two crew members in the rear get a cargo proxy for those positions. With that said, overall these are very nice units and the aircraft have A LOT of excellent potential. Once a few tanks and APC's are brought in and the aircraft are updated, I think it will be a first rate mod. As it is, it is very unique and interesting and I hope you guys will continue to develop it. In the OFP days your team's mod was one of my favorite's so I am VERY happy to see it still alive in ArmA2. Keep up the excellent work!

Chris G.

aka-Miles Teg<GD>

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I see that you are using Operation Arrowhead.

For the SH-60J/K I would add a turret for the FLIR that the Seahawks use and Chaff/Flares launchers.

It is not that difficult to enable them.


1st: Add four points in the memory LOD called




These will determine where in the model the flares FXs will be created

And Second In the config add the following lines:

memoryPointCM[] = {"flare_launcher_1","flare_launcher_2"};
memoryPointCMDir[] = {"flare_launcher_1_dir","flare_launcher_2_dir"};
LockDetectionSystem = 8 + 4;
IncommingMisslieDetectionSystem = 16;
magazines[] = {"60Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine"};
weapons[] = {"CMFlareLauncher"};
driverhasflares = 1;

And voila

When you get the Murasame you can make your weapons compatible with GNATs frigates by following similar config standards

Hope to see new things from you soon!!!!!!

Arigato wakarimasu ka

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Do both the OA and Arma 2 standalone versions contain the same units? There are some I can't find in the editor, such as the F15 and the AH1S

Edit: Nevermind I see in the readme that the AH-1S was disabled, and I used a translator on their site to see that most of the units that made me want to get the mod are still incomplete, such as the F15. No probs.

Edited by Nosedive

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Updated 1.19 :)

Please show 1st post.


Thank you for your proposal. We considering that.


This MOD needs A2+OA , sorry for late explanation.

We adding more vehicles now, but adding aircrafts like F15 take more times.

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Does the KC-767 have an aerial refuelling capability? Because it would be a great addition to it, or perhaps using a similar system to the ACE2 one, with a placeable module.

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