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New walkthrough interview with Jay Crowe on gamestar.de:


and the same one on youtube.com:

Jay really does a terrific job of coming across clearly, articulately and most important passionately!

At the end of this video the German guy said they were going to look over the whole island from the air or something? Was that video ever released? Want to see it for myself!

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Interview with Dan Musil about A3:


Some of the contents:

- No COOP-Campaign - focus on SP campaign and separate MP scenarios

- GS: "Is the AI finally unable to look through the grass?" D.M.: "Unfortunately there is no progress. It stays like it is."

- There will be a "whole new mod-plattform", but it's not ready yet

- GS: "How did you improve the editor?" D.M.: "We had to shorten some of our ambitious plans for the editor. As we don't have sufficient ressources, we concentrate on improvements of the handling and accessibility of the editor version, compared to the version which is known from Operation Arrowhead."

- There will be a Arma 3-demo sooner or later

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ArmA 3 is part of a photo series at n-tv.de:


Picture 9/62 and 10/62

FYI: n-tv is a famous news channel in Germany (like CNN, CNBC etc.)


New screenshots from GC:


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