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ATHENS — The Greek island of Limnos is up in arms over its inclusion in a video game it says damages its peaceful reputation and presents a security threat by exposing its terrain in high-definition, a newspaper reported on Monday.

"We cannot fathom that our island, a place of peace and creation, will be turned into a scene for violence and battle," Limnos Mayor Antonis Hatzidiamantis told Eleftherotypia daily.

"We reserve our legal rights to defend our island's reputation," he said.

Part of 'Arma 3' by award-winning Czech developers Bohemia Interactive includes a scenario where NATO special forces must take out an enemy factory, the daily said.

Some footage in the game, slated for release next summer, shows a Limnos power plant, a hotel and a town in the distance, Eleftherotypia said.

As the Aegean island lies a short distance from the Turkish mainland, there are also national security considerations at stake, another official said.

"There are national reasons to keep certain areas on the island secure but (in the game) they are shown in high-definition," said Costas Adamidis, head of the local municipal council.

"There could possibly be problems with national security," he said.

Bohemia Interactive in 2001 won the best PC game developer award at London's ECTS exhibition, Europe's largest electronic entertainment fair.

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Custom PC Magazine Game Preview Issue 98


A game preview from the fantastic (British) Custom PC magazine, issue 98 (a few issues ago). Apologies for poor scan quality. I know it contains no new information or pictures what so ever, yet still interesting in my opinion

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This is a preview on gamestar.de about shooters that will be released in 2012 :


On page 1) there is an overview mentioning all games the article will cover.

About Arma 3 it says (free translation):

One can also look forward to the heroes of the second row, especially Arma 3. Bohemia Interactive has big plans for the next part of the military simulation - for us a half-way bug free release would already be enough.

Page 9) is about Arma 3 then:

With Arma 3 Bohemia Interactive continues its known military simulation series. The single player campaign, which is set in the near future, takes the NATO soldier Captain Miller to the occupied Aegean island Lemnos. First he has to fight his way alone by himself, later the commanding of larger troops will be in the main focus.

Arma 3 wants to stay gentle and tries to avoid bigger co-work with the AI in order to not get frustrating. The game uses the revised engine of its antecessor and for the first time will work with the PhysX engine.

Shown on the page is a video of the Arma 3 presentation, showing what?? Exactly, the most criticised part of the whole video: The combat against the (tuned down or still really dumb??) AI in the village.

My own small comment:

As it was described already, the game series don't have a good standing in Germany's gaming press and community - mainly caused by the terrible bug-infested releases.

Therefore I implore thee, BI..... respect-058.gif Take your time and smash them criticisms with a criticism-smashing release!

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Arma 3: advanced military simulation

A huge amount of research is invested into the world's most respected tactical military games, from vehicle and equipment designs to consulting with defence manufacturers and military advisors. Bohemia Interactive, an independent game studio based in the Czech Republic, takes great care to ensure authenticity in its Arma series, reckoned by many to be the world's most realistic military simulators.

Despite the financial restrictions inherent to independent game development, Bohemia spends the time and money required to make the military technologies in its games, from calling in artillery strikes and air support to piloting advanced military vehicles, ring true with a knowledgeable fanbase.

According to Ivan Buchta, creative director of Arma 3, the company's latest game, due for release in summer 2012, this attention to detail is an absolute necessity.

"There is a hardcore milsim [military simulation] community around our games, consisting of many military professionals, military enthusiasts and other generally knowledgeable fans, who regard military accuracy and authenticity as very important," he said.

That means plenty of man-hours spent trawling public resources online and at libraries, but also liaising with expert re-enactment groups, military advisors and even equipment suppliers like Czech small arms manufacturer Ceska Zbrojovka. More sophisticated military platforms like tanks and helicopters involve some speculation, but guesswork is always educated by thorough research.

"Chances to see the exact vehicles are scarce and details on many weapon platforms are confidential, so we often have to work with an educated guess instead of exact information," explained Buchta.

"However, we always try to gather not just pictures or blueprints, but also videos or even stories. The live experience helps a lot."


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Another short report from "Press Start vol.2" convention.

It's in Czech, so I'll translate the important bits (or use google for the whole thing)

  • Arma 3 will be accessible to broader audience but nothing will leave the boundaries of realism
  • Simulation of reinforced vests
  • Greater importance of medic

Also what seems to be a new screen.


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They're complaining over the low-res environmental textures, but at the same time they're praising the quality of the vehicles.

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In this news article they say that looking at the A3 homepage, the game was postponed to Q4 of 2012.

Furthermore they say that fans should not see this as a bad signal, "because who knows the antecessors and their bumpy releases, will also know that BI should take all time of the world to release Arma 3 in the most developed state as possible."

Then they mention LORD BUCHTA, who in an interview some months ago mentioned that BI really wants to do exactly that.

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The boss comments on the Q4 delay on Shacknews:


German Gamestar brings a news about it too (with the Shacknews link):


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