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Gamekult.com (french) video E3:


Gamekult.com (french) :


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jeuxvideo.com preview (French):


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Gamestar (german) about an upcoming interview with Marek Spanel

on Rock, Paper, Shotgun (english):


Translated title: "Bohemia Interactive - Without Digital Sales we wouldn't develop anymore computer games"
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The ArmA series is getting plenty of coverage at Kotaku.com, one of the most popular gaming blogs around. Lately there has been a lot of posting about ArmA III, ArmA II, Command Carrier, and Take On Helicopters.

War is Looking Very Pretty On the PC These Days by Luke Plunkett - 30,619 views!

The World’s Meanest Shooter Series Returns for a Third Game by Luke Plunkett - 130,386 views!

There are War Games, and Then There is ArmA III by Luke Plunkett

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I've found week old Czechgamer.com interview with Ivan Buchta, probably not posted here yet.


Strange, now it seems that interview is gone, in this case here is google cache. I got PM message from CzechGamer's Marek ÄŒejka that interview was deactivate by mistake :).

I translated only some interesting Q/A with "new" information (I'm not quite sure what all we already known).


Will be our enemies only soldiers or are you planning to incorporate other game elements simulating surviving at hostile territory (foods, animals, sleep etc.)?

That is potentially very interesting part of the game. Which probably will be in campaign in some way, but I can't talk about detail yet. We haven't intention to overload gamer and unnecessarily complicate game, more likely only "spice" atmosphere. Arma 3 should remain tactical military action, so certainly we will not follow survival game Robinson's Requiem.

According to which real life counterpart island is your game location modeled? How many developers visit island and how many materials did you get from there?

We are inspired by Greek island Lemnos, where we after previous research send two graphics, which during 10 days trip collected hundreds of gigabyte of photographs and videos and mainly they familiarize with environment and place, what is for our work as important as data itself. Along collecting data and familiarize with place we get high resolution satellite pictures, which is base for our supertexture, which surface is covered.

New feature is that we can choose clothes and equipment for soldiers. Do you have any plan to make specially aimed undercover work mission, e.g. infiltration to the base as a local resident?

We will not omit this opportunity, but it will depend on player if he takes advantage of it. Other attractive opportunity of this feature could be penetration into hostile territory masked with enemy uniform. It is clear, that this change should influence how AI will perceive player and can happen, if player is not careful, that he will be shot by ally, who consider him as enemy.


For the first time game take place under the surface of sea. What we can expect from this place? Can we be eaten by shark?

Beside extended freedom, diving will offer possibility to get to the hostile zone and other several opportunities, which are part of our story. You don't need to worry about sharks.


Will be environmental destruction same as in e.g. Battlefield 3?

Environmental destruction and good visualization of state of destruction are part of our priorities, but we also must take into account impact on computer performance and adapt technology to demands of huge open world and relatively long continuous level. At the same time we want achieve robust networking in the game, so it's evident, that opposite to "tunnel" game like Battlefield 3 we need more compromise. Besides improving current building destruction and introducing new physical interaction, we also work on sound and particle effects, which strengthen impression of environment destruction.

Do you have plans to publish the demo or beta MP before game release?

Demo should be published at the same time as game. We are not planning any public beta yet.


Originally written by Jiri Szabo Czechgamer.com

Also probably google translator can deliver better results than me :).

P.S. Game without shark :thumbsdown: I've lost faith in Arma3 :D.

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Article is online again.

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