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I reviewed the game for the biggest finnish gaming magazine - Pelit giving ArmA3 90/100 (+SaOk recommends stamp), focusing on MP side. There might be another review coming later of the campaign.





-The Unit Stances

-Unmatched Modability


-Excelent Mission Editor

-Excelent base game for long future

-Quality models (with some downsites too - the shared vehicles with different textures)


-Steam Workshop

-Mentioned community stuff: Benny's Warfare, Domination, Annex and Invade, Blitzkrieg, playWithSix, JSRS2.0


-Some clumsiness from old times (hard to command player team with more than 10 men, action-menu)

-Some AI problems (driving AI, slowly reacting AT-teammates)

-Performance heavy in villages with AI

-Not enought official missions

Overally nice step forward with still some rough edges. Waiting much from the campaign. :cool:

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I know what you are thinking... Dale wtf are you doing posting videos about BF4 and COD Ghosts? Well watch it and listen ALL THE WAY TO THE END!!!

(From Karel Moricky's twitter feed).

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Arma 3 is the worst game of 2013 according to Inside Gaming
skip to 3:26

(so much for catering to the BF/COD crowd, that obviously didn´t work well)

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(in German)

German Gamestar Magazine's "Best PC Game of 2013", with Arma 3 on a very respectable #4. Congrats BIS!

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Unfortunately I don't have a proper link, but today there was a reportage on German-Swiss-Austrian TV on computer games, and it also covered BI/ArmA3:

3sat: Videospiele - Revolution einer Generation

Film von Jean-Daniel Bohnenblust und Patrick Léger

Videospiele führen in vielen Familien zu Spannungen. Manchmal sind sie die Ursache für Schulversagen. Viele Eltern verteufeln sie. Doch die Game-Industrie birgt auch kreatives Potenzial.

Der Film deckt das Erfolgsrezept dieser Industrie auf und berichtet nicht nur von den negativen Einflüssen, sondern auch von den Chancen dieses Megatrends.

Heute sind Videospiele die am meisten verkauften Kulturprodukte weltweit. 2013 wurden für 65 Milliarden Franken Games inklusive Ausrüstung verkauft. Die Spiele sind allgegenwärtig und durchdringen die Medien, sei es auf Konsolen, Computern, Telefonen oder im Internet. In Montreal, wo die weltweit führenden Unternehmen beheimatet sind, gibt es Ausbildungsgänge, die auf Spieldesign spezialisiert sind. Ebenso wichtig wie die Entwicklung der Software ist die Bindung der User an die Spiele. Studenten erforschen die psychologischen Profile der Spieler und analysieren Bindungssysteme. Die weltweite Explosion der Gamification ist ein Phänomen. Dieser Trend interessiert auch Psychologen, Psychiater und Neurowissenschaftler. Sie untersuchen unter anderem die Auswirkungen auf das Gehirn.

There was a part on various computer games and how they portrait violence, e.g. GTA V and Call of Duty, with scenes of torture and murder, and soldiers ignoring laws of war. The latter part was explained and discussed by Christian Rouffaer, whom we know from http://makearmanotwar.com/jury/christian-rouffaer. He then travelled to Prague and together with Ivan Buchta they showed alternatives like they are in ArmA3, e.g. that when the player kills civillians, he gets attacked by his squad/allies (something we already have since OFP ;) )

Overall, a quite interesting and objective reportage, also discussing some positives in computer gaming; not the usual stereotype-bashing.

Edit: Link to the reportage (german):


The "relevant" part described above starts at ~31mins, ArmA3/BI start at ~34mins.

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Reviewed the DLCs in the biggest finnish gaming magazine Pelit. Gave 77/100 as paid content, 89/100 as supporter.


+++RotorLib, Slingloading, Shooting from vehicles, Improved weapon simulation, Improved firefight balanse

++New sound effects

++End Game (Reminds of BF2 in great way, superb game balanse)

++New excelent weapons

++Most of the stuff is in free game patches

+New choppers

+Other new stuff


+- Support game mode (nice but hard to find players)

+-New choppers have quite small role in the game

+-Shooting from vehicles is bit restricted (overally still nice)


-- No proper mission content for SP and lacking freedom/sandbox

-- Weak Helichopper Showcase (made like in hour)

- Quite weak Marksmen Showcases (lifeless)

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(VG 24/7) Arma 3 Tanoa dev diary shows off huge tropical battleground

Arma 3’s latest terrain looks like a lot of fun.


Sometime in the first half of 2016 Bohemia Interactive will launch a major free update for Arma 3. Alongside this patch it will release a paid expansion adding over 100km2 of new terrain – the Pacific island of Tanoa.

Although we’ve seen a little of this island before, this new developer diary provides a much better look at the new terrain. Already I can imagine sneaking through the jungle on guerrilla operations.

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PC Gamer (via their Youtube channel)

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