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Sightseeing on Altis - Doupe.cz (in Czech)

If you cannot visit Altis in person, or are just curious why it is being famous in last days, this article could serve you well

It is obviously written by someone who knows about Arma-series mentioning things back to Everon :icon_twisted:

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GOL (gry-online.pl): 6.5/10


+Altis island;

+helpful tools in the editor;

+animations and enhanced capabilities of soldier movements;

+finally present ragdoll;

+integration with Steam Workshop;

+artwork is impressive;

+AI is a little better than in ArmA2;


-lack of a more realistic solutions to the vehicles;

-PhysX still not quite working properly;

-Not too many missions;

-No improvements in the interface;

-bugs occasionally amuse or annoy;

Let's see how the rest of it goes.

finnal thought of the reviewr in google-translate:

I tested the new work of Bohemia for months and the final version created in me a very extreme emotions. From the initial enthusiasm "leap of civilization", which made ​​a new installment in the series in a number of technical-gameplay issues, the shortcomings of content provided by developer. ArmA III is not a typical shooter, which is disqualified by lack of many hours of campaign , left as a being living through the community. However, there is no doubt that players would prefer to be based on something more when creating mods or mission. Therefore ArmA III, rather than bear the name of a sensational game, must be content with that it's being shuffled as a promising game, which no game should aim at launch.

EDIT: made it a bit clearer whit google-translate.

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12.09.2013 - Arma 3 has officially been released!

OUT NOW - Available in digital and physical retail stores worldwide, Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce the official release of its brand new tactical military shooter game for PC: Arma 3.

Arma 3 - Launch Trailer


Check out the launch trailer for Arma 3, now available for PC worldwide.



The brand new launch trailer introduces players to the authentic, diverse and open combat in Arma 3's massive military sandox.

Arma 3 trailer celebrates official launch


Arma 3 has now been officially released, following a long period in both alpha and beta testing

Bohemia Interactive Deploys Arma 3 Launch Trailer


Available in digital and physical retail stores worldwide, Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce today's much-anticipated release of Arma 3.

Arma 3 Launches


Bohemia's tactical first-person shooter Arma 3 has finally arrived and can be purchased in Digital Deluxe and Standard variants.

Arma 3 launch trailer takes us to a glorious recreation of the Mediterranean where nobody smiles


Arma 3 has been arriving in bits via Steam Early Access for months, and a great deal more of it is yet to come. But today is the point in its long chronology that Bohemia have chosen to declare full release, packing the game into boxes and trumpeting its completion with a new launch trailer.

ArmA 3 Now Available on Steam


After going through both alpha and beta stages earlier this year, Bohemia Interactive has today announced that their military simulator ArmA 3 is now officially available to all.

Arma 3 Launch Trailer Deployed


Bohemia Interactive has announced that their sandbox military shooter Arma 3 is now available in both digital and retail stores worldwide.

ArmA 3 now available


Bohemia Interactive has announced today’s the release of Arma 3 in digital and retail stores.

Arma 3 available today and launch trailer


Arma 3 is out today and is available in digital and physical retail stores worldwide, Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce today’s much-anticipated release of Arma 3.

Go anywhere, shoot at and miss anything in full release of Arma 3


First-person military sim Arma 3 entered full release today after months as a Steam Early Access title. Bohemia Interactive released a trailer showcasing the game's extensive combat scenarios and terrain--check it out to see drones, vehicles, and infantry in action.

ARMA 3 Launches


ARMA 3 has finally been launched today after its lengthy alpha and beta test periods. When we say launched, its sort of been launched as there’s no full campaign included in the release, that’s to come later as free DLC.

ARMA III launches, grab the Steam key for 30% off


Arma 3 is NATO vs. Iran set in the mid 2030s. With all the news lately, you’d think they could pick a much sooner date. Current events aside, the game released today on Steam for $59.99, but we found an explosive discount at Germany-based retailer GamesRocket that drops the price to $41.49 – a solid $18.50 off on its release date.

ArmA 3 out now, new launch trailer inside


ArmA 3 developer Bohemia Interactive has now deemed its new shooter for sale across retail stores and online. They’ve even sent us the game’s launch trailer too, the lovely sods.

Arma 3 is Out, Watch The New Launch Trailer


Bohemia Interactive has announced that Arma 3 is available all over the UK, putting forth a brand new launch trailer to introduce players to the authentic, diverse, and open combat in Arma 3's massive military sandbox.

Arma 3 Out Now, Launch Trailer Posted


Arma 3, the latest military sandbox simulator from Bohemia Interactive has finally exited beta and is now available in digital and retail stores worldwide for the PC. Check out the trailer below.

Arma 3 Launch Trailer


The highly anticipated 'Arma III' releases today on Steam! Here is the a launch trailer.


Arma 3 Review



PC Gamer Editor's choice

"A significant step forward for the king of military simulation offset by inconsistent graphical performance."

ArmA 3 Review



What we liked:

  • Very pretty
  • Finally I can sit cross-legged in a first person shooter
  • New vehicle physics are great
  • Butterfly shadows

What we didn't like:

  • Multiplayer only puts too much pressure on player numbers
  • Drops frames like a clumsy painter
  • Altis is too big to be that empty

Arma 3 Review


core Breakdown

Graphics: 7.5 / 10

Sound: 8.5 / 10

Gameplay: 9.0 / 10

Longevity: 10.0 / 10

Multiplayer: 8.0 / 10

Overall 8.5 / 10

Final Verdict:

The PC gamer's PC game, Arma 3 is not just a game but a platform for other games. There may be some waiting before its true potential is realized though.

ArmA 3 reviewed: Build your own game in Bohemia’s gorgeously huge island


Bohemia have built their most solid, stable sandbox yet -- but it's still more promise than content.

Arma 3 Review


Authentic, original, and in a class of its own. This is military simulation at its best. Final verdict: This is a game that’s clearly in a class of its own but its acquired taste of military simulation means it’s a game that’s going to be left in a stand-still of love or hate. However the curiosity of simulation by those who have never experienced a game in the series, may work in its favour by bringing in new fans.

8/10 "Great"

Edited by PurePassion

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Arma 3 enters PC game chart top ten


Arma 3 has entered the UK's boxed PC game chart at number eight for the week ending September 14th.

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Arma 3 review


Arma 3 is a military simulation astonishingly huge in scope that lets players control an array of soldiers and vehicles to wage war across two massive islands. Death comes readily, from out of bushes and windows – to avoid frustration, Arma 3 requires intelligent play, resulting in an emergent conflict more detailed than that of almost any other game.


Arma III review: Realism under fire


It’s a brilliant and vastly detailed experience and will appeal to those players looking for a more serious experience but the user-created and modding support gives the ability to create unique scenarios for players who just want those crazy moments as well. Let’s not forget that DAYZ would not exist if it were not for Arma II and I am sure that something equally huge will be built out of Arma III.


Arma 3 Review


The next step in the ArmA franchise makes it slightly easier for newcomers to jump in and mods to create for it, without taking anything away from the hardcore.


Strap on your hiking boots, it’s gonna be a long walk – Arma III review


If you like hiking through the mountains for hours, a high-powered rifle cradled in your arms, then watching your screen go crimson as a sniper arcs three rounds into your head from like four klicks away, then this is truly the ideal game for you.

Graphics: 95

Audio: 84

Controls: 78

Gameplay: 75

Value/Replay: 79


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Arma III Review


ARMA III delivers sprawling geography, intense online military engagement, and a dedicated community. Just be prepared to give as much as you take.

The Good

  • Measured mechanics prioritize strategy over haphazard gunning
  • Coordinated attacks lead to tense warfare
  • A vast array of interesting user-created scenarios
  • Lifelike visuals can inspire awe
  • You can contribute to battle in all sorts of ways.

The Bad

  • Somewhat light on developer-provided content
  • Performance problems, particularly online
  • Finding a good multiplayer match requires effort and patience.

Score: 8.0

Includes both written and filmed review.

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German Highprice PC Game Charts: Arma 3 ranked #1

http://www.pressebox.de/inaktiv/media-control-gfk-international-gmbh/PC-Charts-Arma-3-erkaempft-sich-den-Sieg/boxid/626944 (german)

Some other article says Arma 3 started averagely in the last week, ranked #11. According to the article above, Arma 3 is now ranked #1 in the German Highprice PC Games Charts this week.

As Germany should be a pretty important market, those are great news. I'm really happy to hear things are going well for Arma 3! Congratulations, it's well deserved! Hopefully things are going well in other countries too.

Keep up the good work so hopefully people stick with Arma 3 in the future.

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Review by 4Players.de


+They like the setting, the new lighting and the big view distances

+Sounds are good

+The gigantic Island

+Improved controls

+Weapons, vehicels and drones

+Good Commandsystem

+Cooperation with the community

+Powerfull Editor

-Weak Showcase Missions

-Unnecessary Firing Drills

-No SP Missions

-Very few MP Missions

-Confusing Server Browser

-AI Problems with both friend and foe

-Sometimes they had PhysX Bugs with vehicels

-FPS drop when moving fast with vehicels

69 out of 100

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Another batch of Arma 3 Reviews:

Arma 3 Review-in-Progress: Launch Version First Impressions



-Peerless, detailed infantry combat simulation

-Gorgeous, huge environment

-Hugely moddable and flexible

-Mountains of user-generated content already available

-Easy to make simple missions for yourself and share them

-AI can be very impressive at times, especially in custom missions


-Occasionally glitchy

-AI can sometimes be very dumb or superhumanly accurate

-Long learning curve compounded by complex controls

-Very limited official content in the release version

Final Score: N/A

Arma III review


Three-and-a-half stars out of five

ArmA III review – the real modern warfare


In Short: The most realistic and versatile soldier sim ever made, but also the most bug-ridden and inscrutable – with an initial release that is missing a lot of promised features.

Pros: Huge game world and the freedom to explore it. Excellent graphics and potential-filled multiplayer. Extremely powerful editor and an already dedicated fanbase.

Cons: Realism can be tediously unfair at times. Broken artificial intelligence and impenetrable interface. Riddled with bugs and no proper story campaign at launch.

Score: 7/10

Arma 3 Review - Be all that you can be.


The Verdict

Arma III’s complexity is a double-edged sword. It takes a long time to comprehend, but once you’re comfortable enough with its mechanics to take advantage of them under pressure, you’re able to engage in a kind of large-scale tactical combat that’s simply not offered elsewhere. Weak sound and a sparsely decorated map are forgivable, making Arma III’s nearly endless content definitely worth experiencing as long as you know there’s a long, dark tunnel to get through before you can see the light.

7.0 - Good

"Arma III is a gorgeous, detailed military simulation that asks you to make your own fun." Emanuel Maiberg

Edited by PurePassion

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First post-release Patch for Arma 3 has been released

Arma 3 rolls out a host of changes in first post-release update


Arma 3′s first post-launch patch is live today, bringing with it a long list of improvements to the military sim’s interface and game engine, according to developer Bohemia Interactive’s official changelog. Among a host of tweaks in update 1.02 is a “potential†boost to optimization on the enormous Altis game map.

Arma 3 Receives First Post Release Patch


Arma 3, the third installment in the uber realistic military sim series by Bohemia Interactive that released to general acclaim recently, got its first post release patch for free today. The new patch includes a variety of spots, tweaks, and fixes for the game, and will download itself automatically over Steam.

Arma 3 Releases New Patch 1.02, Fixes AI Issues In the Game


Bohemia Interactive, the developer of the Sept 12 launched open world war game, Arma 3 has released its first update 1.02.

Arma 3′s first post-release update is live


The first post-release update for Arma 3, Update 1.02, is now available. It implements several tweaks, fixes and improvements. You can look over the entire changelog through here. Upon logging into the game via Steam, it will auto-update for you.

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The Hungarian Playdome gave ArmA3 a score of 8.5.


-spectacular graphics

-huge playground

-complete freedom that you can expect from the ArmA series


-Like all titles so far, this has some initial problems

-Unknown, futuristic weapons and vehicles

-less possibilities than what we have become accustomed to

-missing campaign

Graphics: 10

Sounds: 8

Gameplay: 8

Atmosphere: 8


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Austrian Newspaper "Der Standard" discussing about war crimes in games, should they be punished or should gamers have the right to fantasy.

ArmA is mentioned aswell:



Doch nicht alle Entwickler denken so. Das tschechische Studio Bohemia Interactive ist für die vermutlich authentischste kommerziell verfügbare Militärsimulation "ARMA" bekannt und gerade dieser Drang zur Realität ließ die Schöpfer die Spielregeln ihres fiktiven Schlachtfeldes überdenken. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Roten Kreuz wurden für die aktuelle Auflage "ARMA 3" die Gesetze des Krieges auf die Simulation übertragen. Bricht man die Regeln, hat man verloren. "Wir haben festgestellt, dass manche Spieler auf alles schossen, was sich bewegt. Für uns hat sich das einfach nicht richtig angefühlt", sagt Designer Marek Spanel. "Daher haben wir einen sehr simplen, aber intuitiven Mechanismus eingeführt. Wenn du das macht und es sind befreundete Truppen um dich herum, werden sie dich attackieren." Fehlverhalten wird demnach unmittelbar bestraft. Es wird sich zeigen, ob Spieler mit den Konsequenzen eines virtuellen Krieges leben können. Von neuen Anstößen und der Initialisierung eines Umdenkprozesses könnte die Branche in jedem Fall profitieren. (Zsolt Wilhelm, derStandard.at, 5.10.2013)

free translation

Not all developers think that way. The Czech Studio Bohemia Interactive is known for probably the most authentic commercial military simulation "ARMA". These

circumstances let them think about rules on the fictive battlefield. In cooperation with the Red Cross laws of war were conveyed to their latest title "ARMA 3". When rules were broken, game is lost. Marek Spanel sayd, they realized that some player were shooting at anything that's moving, for them [bI] this didn't feel right. So they've added a mechanism which let friendly units near a player attack him, if brakes the rules. Misconduct will be punished immediately. Future will show if this players can live with consequences of their behaviour.

The last sentence says that shooter could benefit from a rethinking of actual mechanisms.



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Gamezone review - possibly one of the worst reviews I've ever read. Apparently, according to the reviewer "when enemies are aware of the player, a giant white asterisk appears in the center of the screen"!


4.5 out of 10 awarded but the reviewer obviously has the cranial capacity of an amoeba.

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Not sure if this review has been posted before...

A decent and pretty favourable review all round, but also some terrific spontaneous and sincere high praise for the Multiplayer Community...

"On my first day with the game [online] I found a random player who I'd never spoken to before, who was happy to then sit down and spend an hour hand-holding me through the first steps of exactly what the hell it was I was supposed to be doing! And this is not an isolated episode, I've found this to be genuinely a continuing trend in the Arma Community... players are helpful, respectful and work hard towards the objectives in the game"

Well done, whoever that was!


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