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The OFCRA : French speaking Organization for Realistic Fighting in ArmA 2 OA

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French speaking Organization for Realistic Fighting in ArmA 2 : Combined Operation

Addons Used :

Arma 2 / Operation Arrowhead

Advanced Combat Environment 2

Pack OFCRA by Paquito & Kis4m3

WebSite : www.ofcra.org

Forum : www.ofcra.org/forum

Current Campaign : Operation CRUSADER

The OFCRA (French speaking Organization for Realistic Fighting in ArmA) aims to recreate the most realistic and immersive atmosphere Arma can emulate.

Our goal is to put the player in the closest possible conditions to those encountered in a real theater.

Here are the main principles:

-Two camps are in presence (REDFOR and BLUEFOR)

-Each camp is led by several Heads of Camp (CDC), which lead their Heads of Groups (CDG) and soldiers

-A military-styled hierarchy is built on the work and participation of everybody in order to segment tasks and make good management possible

-The two sides fight on tactical maps developed by the missions creation team (this, in order to save a lot of time during the preparation of a mission)

-During a confrontation, the CDC determines in advance his tactics, creates the battle plan (before presenting it to his CDG during a briefing) and directs the fighting

-The CDG must lead their groups in order to achieve the objectives they have been assigned, according to the plan prepared by the CDC

-Soldiers must follow their CDG during their field operations

-In order to recreate a realistic atmosphere and give the soldier the impression of being truly in operation and not currently playing a FPS, the emphasis is on behavior, which is worked during training

-The battles are conducted either independently or in campaign of linked missions whose results influence on each other

-We frequently use fixed stocks for our campaigns so that the CDC has a limited pool of units and has to optimize the management of his fighting force under realistic conditions

-Communications are hierarchically organized in the fighting, we use external software for communication in the game where players are divided into channels according to their battle groups or areas of field operations

To apply for involvement in an armed service, here's how:

-First, you need to read the documents describing our activities here

-Finally, post an introductory message on the forum here

-Recruiters-camp concerned will review your request

-Then download the new pack OFCRA and Teamspeak 3.

You have a month trial or two official parties to know us better and discover our association.

Vidéo :

Current Campaign's Trailer :

Ofcra pack Russian's Staffing

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xhzuip ... videogames

Thank you to Vilas, Krag, Slayer, Massi, Python, FFAA, Wolf, Sarmat who helped us make this wonderful addon.

AAR Bluefor



Pour ceux qui parlent français je vous invite a regarder ceci : http://www.cfr-arma.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&p=11195#p11195

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The OFCRA is pleased to present the new official website of the OFCRA. We worked hard to build this site. You will find all documents related to our organization and will allow new members to better understand our concept of campaign Arma 2.

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