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Six Updater: Install/Update mods, missions. Delta patching. Server browser, and more!

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Is it possible to make a custom repository on linux?

We currently have a dedicated linux server, i'd like to have a system so that people would be able to connect through PWS to our repository of mixed public mods and our community modpack and download everything easily.

Is it possible or do i need windows installed?

I looked up a bit but there seems to be no guide available around.

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hello to all .

i use sixupdater 2.9.7 pre to update all mods that i use for arma3 .

About a week ago , when i run the updater , i see on all mods that i have installed the check flag with (GUID mismatch)

why this happend ??

i know that this version was replaced with playwithsix , but for me is better the sixupdater because i want without logins and other stuff to manage only the mods that i want with a single click.

I hope that be a temporary server issue and not the end of this service

Sickboy , dont stop the service ......... it is nice , lite , and very helpfull for me and many others in the community ....

Great job btw


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This is my 2 cents about the six verision so far... It sucks, as per usual.


How hard can it be to make a client that actually works on some level, this "Sync BETA" crap is probably the worst UI since DOS.


First time i used play with Six it was called "Six Updater" and i actually got that learning curve record setter working good, and then came "Play with Six" that i was eventually forced to start using.


I got it working eventually with the help of some friends but it was a step back from the older version.


Havent played Arma2 in about a year now since i've been working out of the country and i come back to this shit.

Getting more and more mad trying to set up a "playlist", first starting to install Ace not in a playlist(getting more mad since the shitty UI doesent allow more than one installing at a time), have trouble uninstalling that so i can reinstall it and it's addons with this playlist thing FINE. ill go about some other game while its installing.


And when it sais its done i go into the "sync BETA" window(which dont allow me to undock it from the taskbar, doesent allow me to change windowsize AND closes if i click outside it) just to find i still have to check the boxes for each mod in the playlist.





And when i finally start the game what do you think is the first thing i see? Well you guessed it right folks, a error message.


Ooookay, maybe its a onetimer i think and click it away...

Black screen while windows "think" circle spins about meanwhile im sitting there WTF isn't it starting soon.


so i ctrl-alt-delete since nothing else works and Whoooa! more error messages in the back....


You know what, i dont even have time to finish this rant... 

Ill go out on the web and see if i can get hold of some other fucking program to do this or ill do it manually.


Short story

Get into game.

Try editor, maps missing incl Chernarus.

cant even make a russian player since no >OPFOR>Russia>men exist in game.

ragequit shit launched game, writes this rant on a for this purpose created account.


And now im off doing other shit.


So to all you Six/Play/With or w/e the developers call themselves; Hope you and your piece of shit launcher and "premium try to suck money out of people for shitty bugged features" all goes to hell so something better can come along.


If any Devdicks/forumusers/mods want to come into contact in me in anyway use the following e-mail adresses.


Devs sends emails to spam@dontwannaread.org

others sends to rainbringer_7@hotmail.com


Have a nice day.

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This shit doesent even have an "uninstall" feature.... sighs...


manually uninstalling... i think ill just throw the harddrive in the trash and reinstall everything on a new one


Thanks Devs.



EDIT: Redmarked is a lie to the humanity so big even Nixon wouldve been impressed, darkred is just a sorry, cheap way to pickpocket people... i'd rather have my wallet run through a mincing machine.


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Even i dont use it active im still impressed what PWS have done over the years.


I know its a bit offtopic (or not): Yes Six is for some of our members overcrowded and even with this modern design not the best in usage. Im still following the development (sync beta) and what would change my mind as a server admin: a server sync and start tool. Since TADST is outdated and wont be supported anymore, we (and i thing many others, beginners and pros) really miss a windows server config tool to start our 3 servers (each with HC) and get all of them updated/synct with different mods and files (e.h. ACE3 you need server.pbo and userconfig) and missions and so on. So, the idea: a tool to slave them all ;)

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How the hell do I contact support to get my mods removed from your service? Every bloody support link is dead. PLEASE remove my mods from your service! PLEASE! PLEASE!


I can remove it myself! NOT IMPLEMENTED YET!


You even copied my license expressly prohibiting you from hosting my mod! What the....

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