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Dragon Knights - recruiting

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Hi all long time no see (we have had a 1 year layoff), looks like #DK# is ready to get the wheel rolling again but we are coming up short in the member area so if you guys know anyone without a Squad please have them email me at rrosser9@msn.com or MSN message me at the same address or visit our forum at www.dragon-knights.info. For those of you that don't know us we are a international squad that have been around for almost 10 years we have alot of fun but like to win. We have a dedicated Server and TS3 and have no member fees. We do play coops sometime for fun and training but are a PvP base team. If we get enough members we plan a being very active in any and all ladders.

Server: #DK# Dragon's Den -


We request:

1. All members speak English (or enough to get by)

2. Have a working Mic

3. Have a PC that can run the game for 1 hour without issues

4. Can play at least 3 times a week (Match days normally Sunday/Tuesday)

5. Have some kind of personality (we like to have a good time on comms)

6. Are at least 18 (members now are in their mid 20's to their mid 40's)

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