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terrain texture desappeared!

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I decided to try a map addon, so Im seeing how Schmalfelden map work. The idea is not to begin from scratch because I have no idea what to do (I've read all tutorial and still as in the beginning), so I thought that editing the map would allow me to understands several things. So, I made a copy of the files (the ones are realesed on armaholic so are unbinarised) and renamed the project. THe files are on the P: drive and I could remove objects and edit the several things like terrain height, in buldozer I can see changes took place. So I decided to see if those changes were real, then I did the new edited map a pbo once I copied all files to the C: drive.

In a word, there is nothing in the edited files containing a single path or reference to the paths or names of the older names. When starting the editor, once I open the island there is a message saying that a texture cannot load, the texture is a layer with the path:




I edited all files with notepad++, so I KNOW there is no "schmalfelden" word in any rvmat file, but system still looks for them! Actually it ask for the first layer, so I think it ask for all rvmat files too as if the island were named "schamlfenden".

I think I should have no problem at this learning stage as all I did was to rename the project. I suspect this might be a caché memory problem as the old path is been read, though I have no idea how to erase that old register.

The result is than I enter as a player on the map, the ground has no single texture, evenmore, the map in-game cannot have a texture only shows houses and streets and name of cities.

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