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SP Mission: Assassin

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Hi guys!:bounce3:

There is my new singleplayer mission for Arma II Arrowhead called "Assassin" - 0.9 beta version. To run you need only datadisc Arrowhead (1.57) without BAF/PMC or other unofficially addons.



Col. Aziz celebrate his birthday in Zargabad. Our command decided about give to him a present. Zargabad is full of Takistani soldiers, militarists, armoureds and planes too. You are a lonely night US operator, who have to infiltrate to mosque and kill him. Second objective is destroy Scud launcher in the military base near Zargabad. The last task is destroy Aziz's helicopter on the airbase. (You haven't any explosives, so you have to find other way to destroy them :-P) Let's go soldier!

Version 0.9 including:

-Full SP mission

-overview, debriefing and hints in Czech lang.

-ReadMe files (English/Czech)

-Logo of mission


Mission is available to download here:

Enjoy it!:yay:

This mission is the first and the last beta version. If you will find any bugs or you will have any comments I hope you write here. ;)

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