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Gambit Royale campaign by AZCoder

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Hi all, based on a couple reports here, I have found a critical bug in the 2nd mission (Conspiracy). Updated first post with new link http://www.azcoder.com/a2files/GambitRoyale_Camp_v101.zip

Essentially if you completed task 2 before task 1, it was resetting task 2 to active after completing task 1. In other words, you never get to see the other tasks! No end waypoints, etc. Wow, don't know how I missed that, much shame.


Make sure to open the door. You may have to get real close to it before the option appears on the action menu. After that you should have new clothes and a map.

@Coffeecat: same mission here (Conspiracy), I don't think you will be able to get out alive now :)

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There seems to be a bug related to an outhouse auto-save in the Conspiracy mission. It worked the first time I played, but every next try with the outhouse save loaded hangs the game. RPT file says it's a null pointer dereference.

"UPSMON started"

Cannot load sound 'ca\dubbing\global\radio\male01\ru\enemyfiree.wss'

Cannot load sound 'ca\dubbing\global\radio\male01\ru\enemyfiree.wss'

SetFace error: class CfgFaces.WomanHead.Face02 not found

Error: Error during SetFace - class CfgFaces.WomanHead.Face02 not found



Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00000000

graphics: D3D9, Device: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT, Driver:nv4_disp.dll

resolution: 1680x1050x32


[snip, msg too long]

Mods: expansion;baf;pmc;E:\Steam games\arma 2;Expansion;ca;@cba;@glt_missilebox;@rh_aks;@rus_camo;us_delta_co_v1.00;c1987_cigarette__s_oa;glt_f16_12;r3f_armes;rh_hk416;rh_mgswp;rkt_su33

Distribution: 1491

Version 1.57.76815

Fault address: 00000000 00:00000000 Unknown module

file: GR1

world: chernarus

campaign: Campaigns\gambitroyale_camp

battle: Chapter1

mission: GR1



ECX:036AFF18 EDX:00000003

ESI:00000001 EDI:3426C350


SS:ESP:0023:0182F2C0 EBP:0182F2E4

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000



note: Minidump has been generated into the file E:\Documents and Settings\sthalik\Local Settings\Application Data\ArmA 2 OA\ArmA2OA.mdmp


== E:\Steam games\arma 2 operation arrowhead\ArmA2OA.exe

== "E:\Steam games\arma 2 operation arrowhead\ArmA2OA.exe" "-mod=E:\Steam games\arma 2;Expansion;ca;@cba;@glt_missilebox;@rh_aks;@rus_camo;us_delta_co_v1.00;c1987_cigarette__s_oa;glt_f16_12;r3f_armes;rh_hk416;rh_mgswp;rkt_su33" "-name=sthalik" -nosplash -winxp -noPause -world=empty -maxMem=1024 -cpuCount=4


Exe timestamp: 2011/03/25 02:14:13

Current time: 2011/03/29 07:24:42

Version 1.57.76815

Item str_disp_server_control listed twice

Item STR_GLT_F16_LIBTEXT listed twice

Item STR_GRP_USAF listed twice

Item STR_CFG_MULTIROLE listed twice

Item STR_CFG_CAP listed twice

Item STR_CFG_LGB listed twice

Item STR_CFG_MK82 listed twice

Item STR_CFG_AGM listed twice



Item STR_COL_BLACK_MR listed twice

Item STR_COL_BLACK_CAP listed twice

Item STR_COL_BLACK_GBU listed twice

Item STR_COL_BLACK_MK listed twice

Item STR_COL_BLACK_AGM listed twice

Item STR_COL_EURO_MR listed twice

Item STR_COL_EURO_CAP listed twice

Item STR_COL_EURO_GBU listed twice

Item STR_COL_EURO_MK listed twice

Item STR_COL_EURO_AGM listed twice

Item STR_COL_GREY_MR listed twice

Item STR_COL_GREY_CAP listed twice

Item STR_COL_GREY_GBU listed twice

Item STR_COL_GREY_MK listed twice

Item STR_COL_GREY_AGM listed twice

Item STR_CFG_FACTION_BLACK listed twice

Item STR_CFG_FACTION_GREY listed twice

Item STR_CFG_FACTION_NATO listed twice

Item STR_DN_VEHICLECLASS listed twice

Conflicting addon CATracked2_BMP3 in 'ca\tracked2\bmp3\', previous definition in 'rus__camo__des\bmp3\'

Conflicting addon CAWheeled2_Kamaz in 'ca\wheeled2\kamaz\', previous definition in 'rus__camo__des\kamaz\'

Updating base class ->RocketCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/RocketBase/

Updating base class ->MissileCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/MissileBase/

Updating base class ->MissileBase, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/M_Ch29_AT/

Updating base class ->CA_Magazine, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgMagazines/VehicleMagazine/

Updating base class ->Thing, by ca\misc3\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Small_items/

Updating base class ->Mi24_Base_RU, by ca\air2\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Mi24_V/

Updating base class ->Mi24_Base_RU, by ca\air2\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Mi24_P/

Updating base class ->Kamov_Base, by ca\air2\ka52\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Ka52/

Updating base class ->Su25_base, by ca\air2\su25\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Su39/

Error in HTML file Campaigns\gambitroyale_camp\missions\GR1.Chernarus\overview.html

Context 4

Error in HTML file Campaigns\gambitroyale_camp\missions\GR1.Chernarus\overview.html

Context 4

Warning: looped for animation: ca\wheeled\data\anim\uaz_cargo01_v0.rtm differs (looped now 0)! MoveName: kia_uaz_cargo02

Warning: looped for animation: ca\wheeled\data\anim\uaz_cargo01_v0.rtm differs (looped now 1)! MoveName: uaz_cargo02

SetFace error: class CfgFaces.WomanHead.Face02 not found

Error: Error during SetFace - class CfgFaces.WomanHead.Face02 not found



Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00000000

graphics: D3D9, Device: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT, Driver:nv4_disp.dll

resolution: 1680x1050x32


CARoads2Dam in ca\roads2\dam\, rus_camo_T90 in rus__camo__des\t90\

CAData_ParticleEffects in ca\data\particleeffects\

CAMP_Armory_Misc in ca\mp_armory\misc\, CAWeapons_E_RPG18 in ca\weapons_e\rpg18\

CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Office01 in ca\structures_e\housea\a_office01\

Ind_Vysypka in ca\buildings2\ind_cementworks\ind_vysypka\

CAStructures_E_Ind_IndPipes in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_pipes\

Farm_WTower in ca\buildings2\farm_wtower\, CASounds_Missions in ca\soundmissions\

CASounds in ca\sounds\, pond_test in ca\structures\pond\

CAAir2_Pchela1T in ca\air2\pchela1t\, CAAir2_F35B in ca\air2\f35b\

CAAir_PMC in ca\air_pmc\, CAMusic in ca\music\

CAStructuresHouse_Church_05R in ca\structures\house\church_05r\

CA_Missions_GarbageCollector in ca\modules\garbage_collector\

CAFonts in ca\uifonts\, Tunguska_desert in rus__camo__des\tunguska\

rktweapons in rktweapons\, CAWeapons_M1014 in ca\weapons\m1014\

CAWheeled_E_M1030 in ca\wheeled_e\m1030\, Arma2_Ka52 in ca\air2\ka52\

CAWeapons_Saiga12K in ca\weapons\saiga12k\, CA_Modules_Marta in ca\modules\marta\

CAMisc_fix_Ch2 in ca\misc_fix\ch2\, CAWheeled3_TT650 in ca\wheeled3\tt650\

CA_HighCommand in ca\modules\hc\, CAWeapons_E_PK in ca\weapons_e\pk\

CABuildings2 in ca\buildings2\

Misc_PowerStation in ca\buildings2\misc_powerstation\

CAWheeled2_BTR90 in ca\wheeled2\btr90\, CA_Missions_BAF in ca\missions_baf\

CA_Dubbing_E in ca\dubbing_e\, Takistan in ca\takistan\

CAStructures_IndPipe1_todo_delete in ca\buildings2\ind_pipeline\indpipe1\

CAWeapons_PMC_XM8 in ca\weapons_pmc\xm8\, CAWeapons_E_KORD in ca\weapons_e\kord\

CARoads2Bridge in ca\roads2\bridge\, CAWheeled_W_BAF in ca\wheeled_w_baf\

GLT_Falcon in glt_f16\, CAWheeled_E_HMMWV in ca\wheeled_e\hmmwv\

CA_Editor in ca\editor\, CA_Dubbing_Counterattack in ca\dubbing\counterattack\

CAWeapons_E_Colt1911 in ca\weapons_e\colt1911\

CAWheeled_E_V3S in ca\wheeled_e\v3s\, CAStructures_E_Wall in ca\structures_e\wall\

CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Minaret in ca\structures_e\housea\a_minaret\

CATracked in ca\tracked\, C1987_Cigarettes_oa in c1987_cigarettes_oa\

CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Water in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_water\

CA_Modules_PMC in ca\modules_pmc\

CAStructures_E_HouseA_a_stationhouse in ca\structures_e\housea\a_stationhouse\

CAWheeled_E_SUV in ca\wheeled_e\suv\, CAWeapons_PMC in ca\weapons_pmc\

CALanguage_missions in ca\languagemissions\, CAAir2_C130J in ca\air2\c130j\

CATracked_E_us_m270mlrs in ca\tracked_e\us_m270mlrs\

CAStructures_Nav_pier in ca\structures\nav_pier\

CAWeapons_ZU23 in ca\weapons\zu23\

CALanguage_missions_e in ca\languagemissions_e\

CACharacters_E_Head in ca\characters_e\heads\, CAWeapons in ca\weapons\

CATracked_E in ca\tracked_e\, Warfare2_E in ca\warfare2_e\

CA_MPA_Scenarios in ca\mp_armory\armory_mp_scenarios\, CA_PMC in ca\ca_pmc\

Ind_MalyKomin in ca\buildings2\ind_cementworks\ind_malykomin\

CAStructuresLand_Nav_Boathouse in ca\structures\nav_boathouse\

CA_Dubbing_PMC in ca\dubbing_pmc\

CAWeapons2_HuntingRifle in ca\weapons2\huntingrifle\

CAWeapons_AK in ca\weapons\ak\

CAStructures_IndPipe1 in ca\structures\ind_pipeline\indpipe1\

CAWheeled_E in ca\wheeled_e\, A_Crane_02 in ca\buildings2\a_crane_02\

CA_Anims_Wmn in ca\anims\characters\config\wmn\

CAStructuresInd_Quarry in ca\structures\ind_quarry\

CAVideo2_PMC in ca\video2_pmc\, CA_E in ca\ca_e\

CA_Missions_E_SecOps in ca\missions_e\som\, CAWeapons_E_Igla in ca\weapons_e\igla\

CA_Animals_E in ca\animals_e\, CATracked_E_M1_Abrams in ca\tracked_e\m1_abrams\

Warfare2 in ca\warfare2\

CABuildingParts_Signs in ca\buildings2\buildingparts\signs\

CAMisc_fix_air in ca\misc_fix\air\, CARocks_E in ca\rocks_e\

CAWeapons_E_TOW in ca\weapons_e\tow\

CACharacters_BAF_Head in ca\characters_d_baf\heads\, CAAnimals in ca\animals\

CAWater2 in ca\water2\, CAStructuresHouse in ca\structures\house\

CAAir_E in ca\air_e\, CAWater2_Fregata in ca\water2\fregata\

CATracked_E_ZSU in ca\tracked_e\zsu\, CA_Dubbing_Baf in ca\dubbing_baf\

CATracked_E_T34 in ca\tracked_e\t34\, cba_events in x\cba\addons\events\

rktsu33 in rktsu33\

CAStructures_PMC_FuelStation in ca\structures_pmc\ind\fuelstation\

CAWeapons_E_ZU23 in ca\weapons_e\zu23\, cba_common in x\cba\addons\common\

CAStructures_Rail in ca\structures\rail\

CAWeapons_E_M252_81mm_Mortar in ca\weapons_e\m252_81mm_mortar\

CAWeapons_E_FIM92_static in ca\weapons_e\fim92_static\

CAWeapons_PMC_AS50 in ca\weapons_pmc\as50\, CAWheeled2_LADA in ca\wheeled2\lada\

Warfare2Vehicles in ca\warfare2vehicles\, CA_L39 in ca\l39\

CAWeapons_E_AK in ca\weapons_e\ak\

CAStructures_E_Ind_Ind_Shed in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_shed\

CAStructuresHouse_HouseV2 in ca\structures\house\housev2\

CAWater2_seafox in ca\water2\seafox\, CAWeapons_E_M9 in ca\weapons_e\m9_beretta\

CAAir2_MV22 in ca\air2\mv22\, CAWheeled_E_LADA in ca\wheeled_e\lada\

CAWheeled_E_Pickup in ca\wheeled_e\datsun_armed\

CAWeapons_E_Javelin in ca\weapons_e\javelin\, CATracked_W_BAF in ca\tracked_w_baf\

CAMP_Armory_Misc_Entrance_Gate in ca\mp_armory\misc\entrance_gate\

CA_Animals2_Rabbit in ca\animals2\rabbit\, CAStructures_Nav in ca\structures\nav\

CA_Modules_Coin in ca\modules\coin\, CA_Modules_Alice2 in ca\modules_e\alice2\

CA_Missions_FirstAidSystem in ca\modules\fa\, cba_arrays in x\cba\addons\arrays\

CAAir_E_UH1H_EP1 in ca\air_e\uh1h\, Shed_small in ca\buildings2\shed_small\

CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Interier in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_interier\

Ind_Pec in ca\buildings2\ind_cementworks\ind_pec\

CAStructures_PMC_Misc in ca\structures_pmc\misc\

CATracked_E_T55 in ca\tracked_e\t55\, CATracked_E_T72 in ca\tracked_e\t72\

CABuildings in ca\buildings\, CAWeapons_VSS_vintorez in ca\weapons\vss_vintorez\

CAWheeled_E_UAZ in ca\wheeled_e\uaz\

CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Garbage in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_garbage\

cba_help in x\cba\addons\help\

CAMP_Armory_Misc_Sign_Armex in ca\mp_armory\misc\sign_armex\

CAWheeled_E_Old_bike in ca\wheeled_e\old_bike\

cba_diagnostic in x\cba\addons\diagnostic\

GLT_Missilebox_config in glt_missilebox_config\, CAAir_E_UH60M in ca\air_e\uh60m\

CAStructures_PMC_Buildings_Ruin_Cowshed in ca\structures_pmc\buildings\ruins\farm_cowshed\

CA_Modules_E_Jukebox in ca\modules_e\jukebox\

CA_Anims_E_Wmn in ca\anims_e\config\wmn\, CAWeapons2_SMAW in ca\weapons2\smaw\

CAStructuresHouse_HouseBT in ca\structures\house\housebt\

CAWeapons2 in ca\weapons2\, CAWeapons_E_G36 in ca\weapons_e\g36\

CA_Modules_Silvie in ca\modules\silvie\

CAStructures_Castle in ca\structures\castle\

CAStructuresLand_A_MunicipalOffice in ca\structures\a_municipaloffice\

CA_Animals2_WildBoar in ca\animals2\wildboar\

CAMP_Armory_Misc_Plasticpole in ca\mp_armory\misc\plasticpole\

CATracked_E_BMP2 in ca\tracked_e\bmp\, cba_vectors in x\cba\addons\vectors\

Shilka_desert in rus__camo__des\shilka\

CA_E_ParticleEffects in ca\ca_e\data\particleeffects\

CAWheeled3_M1030 in ca\wheeled3\m1030\, CA_Sounds_Baf in ca\sounds_baf\

CAWeapons_E_Stinger in ca\weapons_e\stinger\, CA_Missions_PMC in ca\missions_pmc\

Ind_Mlyn in ca\buildings2\ind_cementworks\ind_mlyn\

BRDM2_desert in rus__camo__des\brdm2\

CAWheeled2_M1114_Armored in ca\wheeled2\hmmwv\m1114_armored\

CAStructures_E_Ind_Ind_FuelStation in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_fuelstation\

CA_Anims in ca\anims\, CAweapons_E_m107 in ca\weapons_e\m107\

HALO_Test in ca\air2\halo\, CAWeapons_PMC_AA_12 in ca\weapons_pmc\aa_12\

Utes in ca\utes\

CAStructures_E_Ind_Ind_Garage01 in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_garage01\

GLT_MOAB in glt_missilebox_config\

CATracked2_2S6M_Tunguska in ca\tracked2\2s6m_tunguska\

CA_Modules_ZoRA in ca\modules\zora\

CAWeapons_M252_81mm_Mortar in ca\weapons\m252_81mm_mortar\, CAData in ca\

CAWheeled2_GAZ39371 in ca\wheeled2\gaz39371\, CASigns_E in ca\signs_e\

CA_Animals2_Dogs in ca\animals2\dogs\, CAWeapons_E_D30 in ca\weapons_e\d30\

CAWater in ca\water\, CAWheeled in ca\wheeled\, CA_AIR_E_Su25 in ca\air_e\su25\

CATracked2_AAV in ca\tracked2\aav\

CAStructuresHouse_a_stationhouse in ca\structures\house\a_stationhouse\

CAWeapons_E_GrenadeLauncher in ca\weapons_e\grenadelauncher\

CAWeapons_E_LeeEnfield in ca\weapons_e\leeenfield\

CAAir_E_AH64D in ca\air_e\ah64\, CAWheeled2_VWGolf in ca\wheeled2\vwgolf\

Mi17_des in rus__camo__des\mi-8\

CA_Animals2_Dogs_Pastor in ca\animals2\dogs\pastor\

CA_SoundsMissions_E in ca\soundmissions_e\, Ind_Tank in ca\buildings2\ind_tank\

CAWeapons2_RPG18 in ca\weapons2\rpg18\

CA_Anims_Sdr in ca\anims\characters\config\sdr\

CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_CityGate1 in ca\structures_e\housea\a_citygate1\

CAWeapons_Metis_AT_13 in ca\weapons\metis_at_13\

CACharacters_BAF in ca\characters_d_baf\, CAWheeled_D_BAF in ca\wheeled_d_baf\

HouseRuins in ca\buildings2\houseruins\

CAStructures_PMC_Buildings_GeneralStore_PMC in ca\structures_pmc\buildings\generalstore\

GLT_Falcon_OA_config in glt_f16_oa_config\

CAStructures_PMC_Misc_Shed in ca\structures_pmc\misc\shed\

CA_Missions_BAF_Templates_SecOps in ca\missions_baf\templates\secopsbaf.west\

Barn_Metal in ca\buildings2\barn_metal\, BMP2_desert in rus__camo__des\bmp2\

CATracked_E_M2A2_Bradley in ca\tracked_e\m2a2_bradley\

CAStructuresHouse_HouseV in ca\structures\house\housev\

CA_Modules_E_Weather in ca\modules_e\weather\, cba_ui in x\cba\addons\ui\

zargabad in ca\zargabad\, CA_Modules_E_OO in ca\modules_e\oo\

CA_Dubbing in ca\dubbing\, CAStructuresHouse_Shed_Ind in ca\structures\shed_ind\

RHmgswp in rh_mgswp_cfg\, CAWeapons_E_RPG7 in ca\weapons_e\rpg7\

CAWheeled_PMC in ca\wheeled_pmc\, CA_Missions_SecOps in ca\missions\som\

CA_Missions2_PMC in ca\missions2_pmc\

CAWeapons_E_Mk19_MiniTriPod in ca\weapons_e\mk19_minitripod\

CAWeapons_Kord in ca\weapons\kord\, CA_Anims_Char in ca\anims\characters\config\

CA_DubbingRadio_PMC in ca\dubbingradio_pmc\, CAAir_E_AH6J in ca\air_e\ah6j\

CAWeapons_E_Metis in ca\weapons_e\metis_at_13\

CAWheeled_E_ATV in ca\wheeled_e\atv\, CASounds_E in ca\sounds_e\

CA_Animals2_Chicken in ca\animals2\birds\chicken\, BI_SRRS in ca\modules\srrs\

CAAir_E_Halo in ca\air_e\halo\, CA_MPA_MP in ca\mp_armory\armory_mp\

CA_Heads in ca\characters\heads\, CAA10 in ca\a10\

CA_Missions_AlternativeInjurySimulation in ca\modules\ais\

Ind_Dopravnik in ca\buildings2\ind_cementworks\ind_dopravnik\

Ind_Workshop01 in ca\buildings2\ind_workshop01\

CA_Anims_E_Sdr in ca\anims_e\config\sdr\

CAWheeled_PMC_ArmoredSUV in ca\wheeled_pmc\armoredsuv\

CAStructures_E_Ind_Ind_Coltan_Mine in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_coltan_mine\

CA_Animals2_Goat in ca\animals2\goat\, CA_CruiseMissile in ca\air2\cruisemissile\

CAAir_PMC_KA137 in ca\air_pmc\ka137\, GLT_Missilebox in glt_missilebox\

CALanguageMissions_baf in ca\languagemissions_baf\

CAAir_E_CH_47F in ca\air_e\ch47\, CAWeapons_E_AmmoBoxes in ca\weapons_e\ammoboxes\

CA_Missions_E in ca\missions_e\, CATracked2_BMP3 in rus__camo__des\bmp3\

cba_network in x\cba\addons\network\, BTR90_camo in rus__camo__des\btr90\

CAWeapons_E_MAAWS in ca\weapons_e\maaws\, CAweapons_ksvk in ca\weapons\ksvk\

CAWeapons_E_AGS in ca\weapons_e\ags30\, CAWheeled2 in ca\wheeled2\

GRAD_desert in rus__camo__des\grad\, CAWheeled3 in ca\wheeled3\

CA_HC_Sounds in ca\missions\data\sounds\, CAStructures_PMC in ca\structures_pmc\

CAAir2 in ca\air2\, CAWeapons_E_scar in ca\weapons_e\scar\

CAWeapons_E_M47 in ca\weapons_e\m47\

CAStructuresHouse_A_FuelStation in ca\structures\house\a_fuelstation\

CAWheeled_E_s1203 in ca\wheeled_e\s1203\

CA_Modules_PMC_SimpleFIrstAid in ca\modules_pmc\simplefirstaid\

CAMisc_E_WF in ca\misc_e\wf\, missions_ew in ca\missions_ew\

CAStructures_A_CraneCon in ca\structures\a_cranecon\, CAMisc_E in ca\misc_e\

CABuildings2_Misc_Cargo in ca\buildings2\misc_cargo\

CAStructures_PMC_Ind in ca\structures_pmc\ind\, CAAir3 in ca\air3\

CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Lamp in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_lamp\

CA_Modules_UAV in ca\modules\uav\, CAWeapons_E_DSHKM in ca\weapons_e\dshkm\

Farm_Cowshed in ca\buildings2\farm_cowshed\, Shapur_BAF in ca\shapur_baf\

A_statue in ca\buildings2\a_statue\

CA_Modules_E_Functions in ca\modules_e\functions\

CAWeapons_E_fnfal in ca\weapons_e\fnfal\, R3F_ARMES in r3f_armes\

CAWeapons_E_ksvk in ca\weapons_e\ksvk\

CAWheeled_E_Old_moto in ca\wheeled_e\old_moto\

CAStructuresShed_Small in ca\structures\shed\shed_small\, CARocks2 in ca\rocks2\

CA_Missions_Templates_SecOps in ca\missions\templates\secops.west\

CAAir_E_Mi24 in ca\air_e\mi35\, CAWater2_LHD in ca\water2\lhd\

CAWheeled2_V3S in ca\wheeled2\v3s\, CAStructures_E_Mil in ca\structures_e\mil\

CAMP_Armory_Misc_Sign_Direction in ca\mp_armory\misc\sign_direction\

CATracked_BAF in ca\tracked_d_baf\, CAWeapons_E_STATIC in ca\weapons_e\static\

CAAir_PMC_KA60 in ca\air_pmc\ka60\, CAWeapons_E_Makarov in ca\weapons_e\makarov\

CAWheeled_E_Volha in ca\wheeled_e\volha\

CAStructures_Ruins in ca\structures\ruins\

CATracked2_us_m270mlrs in ca\tracked2\us_m270mlrs\

CAWeapons_bizon in ca\weapons\bizon\

CA_Modules_PMC_Functions in ca\modules_pmc\functions\

CAStructures_Proxy_Ruins in ca\structures\proxy_ruins\

CA_DubbingRadio_E in ca\dubbingradio_e\, CAMusic_E in ca\music_e\

CAWheeled_E_stryker in ca\wheeled_e\stryker\

Church_01 in ca\buildings2\church_01\, CACharacters_PMC in ca\characters_pmc\

CACharacters_W_BAF in ca\characters_w_baf\

cba_versioning in x\cba\addons\versioning\, CAWeapons_E_M240 in ca\weapons_e\m240\

CA_AIR_E_MQ9PredatorB in ca\air_e\mq9predatorb\

CAStructures_Railway in ca\structures\rail\railway\, CA_Missions in ca\missions\

Desert_E in ca\desert_e\, CAStructures_E_Misc in ca\structures_e\misc\

Shed_wooden in ca\buildings2\shed_wooden\

Ind_SawMill in ca\structures\ind_sawmill\, CA_Modules_DynO in ca\modules\dyno\

CA_Modules_Alice in ca\modules\alice\

Ind_Expedice in ca\buildings2\ind_cementworks\ind_expedice\

CAWeapons_E_Podnos_2b14_82mm in ca\weapons_e\podnos_2b14_82mm\

CAAir2_MQ9PredatorB in ca\air2\mq9predatorb\, CALanguage_e in ca\language_e\

CAWheeled2_MMT in ca\wheeled2\mmt\, CA_Animals2_Dogs_Fin in ca\animals2\dogs\fin\

cba_main in x\cba\addons\main\, CA_AIR2_Su25 in ca\air2\su25\

CATEC in ca\buildings2\buildingparts\signs\tec\

CALanguage_PMC in ca\language_pmc\

CAStructuresHouse_A_Office01 in ca\structures\house\a_office01\

Ka52_des in rus__camo__des\ka-52\, CA_Missions_E_Armory2 in ca\missions_e\armory\

CA_Support in ca\modules_e\ssm\, CABuildings2_A_Pub in ca\buildings2\a_pub\

CA_Animals2_Cow in ca\animals2\cow\, CAWeapons_E in ca\weapons_e\

Ind_SiloVelke in ca\buildings2\ind_cementworks\ind_silovelke\

CAStructuresHouse_A_Office02 in ca\structures\house\a_office02\

CAStructures_PMC_Walls in ca\structures_pmc\walls\

CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Market in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_market\

CAStructures_E_HouseA in ca\structures_e\housea\

CAMP_Armory_Misc_Info_Board in ca\mp_armory\misc\info_board\

CAMusic_PMC in ca\music_pmc\, rus_camo_des in rus__camo__des\

CAWater2_fishing_boat in ca\water2\fishing_boat\, CACharacters2 in ca\characters2\

CARoads2 in ca\roads2\, CAWheeled_E_Ikarus in ca\wheeled_e\ikarus\

CABuildingParts in ca\buildings2\buildingparts\

CALanguage_Baf in ca\language_baf\

CA_MPA_Challenges in ca\mp_armory\armory_mp_challenges\

Ind_Shed_01 in ca\buildings2\ind_shed_01\

CAStructures_PMC_Buildings in ca\structures_pmc\buildings\

Ind_Shed_02 in ca\buildings2\ind_shed_02\

CA_Missions_BattlefieldClearance in ca\modules\bc\

WarfareBuildings in ca\misc3\wf\, CAWheeled_E_BTR40 in ca\wheeled_e\btr40\

CAWater2_smallboat_1 in ca\water2\small_boat\

CAStructures_E_HouseC in ca\structures_e\housec\

CAMP_Armory_Misc_Infostands in ca\mp_armory\misc\infostands\

CAWheeled_E_SCUD in ca\wheeled_e\scud\, CAAir2_UH1Y in ca\air2\uh1y\

ind_silomale in ca\buildings2\ind_cementworks\ind_silomale\

ProvingGrounds_PMC in ca\provinggrounds_pmc\

CA_Modules_clouds in ca\modules\clouds\

CAStructures_PMC_Ruins in ca\structures_pmc\ruins\

cba_strings in x\cba\addons\strings\

CAMP_Armory_Misc_Red_Light in ca\mp_armory\misc\red_light\

CA_Modules_ARTY in ca\modules\arty\

CAStructures_A_BuildingWIP in ca\structures\a_buildingwip\

CAWater2_Destroyer in ca\water2\destroyer\, mas_us_delta in mas_us_delta\

cba_hashes in x\cba\addons\hashes\, CAWheeled2_Kamaz in rus__camo__des\kamaz\

CA_Missions_Armory2 in ca\missions\armory\

CAWater2_seafox_EP1 in ca\misc_e\seafox\, CAWheeled_E_MTVR in ca\wheeled_e\mtvr\

CAWheeled_Pickup in ca\wheeled\datsun_armed\, CAWheeled2_MTVR in ca\wheeled2\mtvr\

CAWheeled_E_BTR60 in ca\wheeled_e\btr60\, Ural_Desert in rus__camo__des\ural\

CAWeapons_E_M110 in ca\weapons_e\m110\

CA_Missions_AmbientCombat in ca\modules\ambient_combat\

CAStructuresHouse_Church_02 in ca\structures\house\church_02\

CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Villa in ca\structures_e\housea\a_villa\

CATracked2 in ca\tracked2\, CATracked_E_M113 in ca\tracked_e\m113\

CAWeapons_E_M2StaticMG in ca\weapons_e\m2\, CAAir_E_An2 in ca\air_e\an2\

CA_Modules_Animals in ca\modules\animals\, CAWeapons_SPG9 in ca\weapons\spg9\

CAWheeled_E_LandRover in ca\wheeled_e\lr\

CAStructures_E_Ind_Misc_PowerStation in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_powerstation\

CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_powerline in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_powerline\

CAStructuresHouse_Church_03 in ca\structures\house\church_03\

glt_airweapons_rep in glt_missilebox_config\

CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Mosque_big in ca\structures_e\housea\a_mosque_big\

CAAir_E_A10 in ca\air_e\a10\, CA_Animals2_Sheep in ca\animals2\sheep\

CAAir_BAF in ca\air_d_baf\

CAStructuresHouse_A_Hospital in ca\structures\house\a_hospital\

CACharacters_PMC_Head in ca\characters_pmc\heads\

CAWheeled_E_TT650 in ca\wheeled_e\tt650\

CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_cables in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_cables\

CAWeapons_E_Strela in ca\weapons_e\strela\, CA_MPA in ca\mp_armory\

CA_Modules_StratLayer in ca\modules\strat_layer\

CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Well in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_well\

CAWheeled2_M998A2_Avenger in ca\wheeled2\hmmwv\m998a2_avenger\

CACharacters_E in ca\characters_e\

CAWeapons_E_M119_Howitzer in ca\weapons_e\m119_howitzer\, CAAir in ca\air\

CA_Modules in ca\modules\

CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Minaret_Porto in ca\structures_e\housea\a_minaret_porto\

CA_Modules_E_DynO in ca\modules_e\dyno\

CAStructuresLand_Ind_Stack_Big in ca\structures\ind\

CARoads_PMC_Bridge in ca\roads_pmc\bridge\

CAStructures_E_HouseK in ca\structures_e\housek\, CA_AH64D in ca\ah64\

CA_Modules_E in ca\modules_e\

CAMP_Armory_Misc_Loudspeakers in ca\mp_armory\misc\loudspeakers\

Ind_Garage01 in ca\buildings2\ind_garage01\

CAWheeled2_Ikarus in ca\wheeled2\ikarus\, A_TVTower in ca\structures\a_tvtower\

CAWheeled_E_Offroad in ca\wheeled_e\hilux_armed\

CAStructuresBarn_W in ca\structures\barn_w\

CAAir2_ChukarTarget in ca\air2\chukar\, CAWeapons_E_SPG9 in ca\weapons_e\spg9\

CAWheeled2_HMMWV_Ambulance in ca\wheeled2\hmmwv\m997a2_ambulance\

CAStructures_E_HouseL in ca\structures_e\housel\

CA_MPA_Core in ca\mp_armory\armory_core\, CAWeapons_BAF in ca\weapons_baf\

CA_Modules_Functions in ca\modules\functions\

CA_Modules_E_UAV_Heli in ca\modules_e\uav_heli\

CAStructures_Proxy_BuildingParts in ca\structures\proxy_buildingparts\

CAWeapons_2b14_82mm_Mortar in ca\weapons\podnos_2b14_82mm\

CAStructuresHouse_rail_station_big in ca\structures\rail\rail_station_big\

CA_Modules_E_UAV in ca\modules_e\uav\

IndPipe2 in ca\buildings2\ind_pipeline\indpipe2\

CAWeapons_Colt1911 in ca\weapons\colt1911\, CATracked2_T34 in ca\tracked2\t34\

Misc_WaterStation in ca\buildings2\misc_waterstation\, CARoads_E in ca\roads_e\

CA_BAF in ca\data_baf\

CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Construction in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_construction\

Mi24_desert in rus__camo__des\mi24\

CA_Missions_E_Templates_SecOps in ca\missions_e\templates\secops.west\

CAWeapons_E_Searchlight in ca\weapons_e\searchlight\

A_GeneralStore_01 in ca\buildings2\a_generalstore_01\

CAWeapons_E_M14 in ca\weapons_e\m14\, CAWheeled2_LAV25 in ca\wheeled2\lav25\

Extended_EventHandlers in extended_eventhandlers\

CAWeapons_E_M136 in ca\weapons_e\m136\, CAStructures_Wall in ca\structures\wall\

CAHouseBlock_A in ca\buildings2\houseblocks\houseblock_a\

CAAir3_Su34 in ca\air3\su34\, CAWeapons_DMR in ca\weapons\dmr\

CAMP_Armory_Misc_Concrete_Wall in ca\mp_armory\misc\concrete_wall\

CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Statue in ca\structures_e\housea\a_statue\

CAStructures_E_Ind in ca\structures_e\ind\

CAHouseBlock_B in ca\buildings2\houseblocks\houseblock_b\

CAStructures_E_Wall_Wall_L in ca\structures_e\wall\wall_l\

CAStructures in ca\structures\, CAWheeled2_HMMWV_BASE in ca\wheeled2\hmmwv\

CA_Anims_E in ca\anims_e\, CAWheeled_Offroad in ca\wheeled\hilux_armed\

cba_ai in x\cba\addons\ai\, CAAir_E_C130J in ca\air_e\c130j\

Su25_desert in rus__camo__des\su25\, CAMisc_fix_Str in ca\misc_fix\str\

CAAir_E_MI8 in ca\air_e\mi17\, CA_Animals2 in ca\animals2\

CAStructures_PMC_Buildings_Bunker in ca\structures_pmc\buildings\bunker\

CAWeapons_E_M16 in ca\weapons_e\m16\

CAMP_Armory_Misc_Laptop in ca\mp_armory\misc\laptop\

Rail_House_01 in ca\buildings2\rail_house_01\, CAMisc_fix in ca\misc_fix\

CAHouseBlock_C in ca\buildings2\houseblocks\houseblock_c\

CAStructures_E in ca\structures_e\, CAAir_BAF_CH_47F in ca\air_d_baf\ch47\

CAStructures_Misc_Powerlines in ca\structures\misc_powerlines\

CAWheeled_E_Ural in ca\wheeled_e\ural\

CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Mosque_small in ca\structures_e\housea\a_mosque_small\

CAHouseBlock_D in ca\buildings2\houseblocks\houseblock_d\

CAWheeled2_TowingTractor in ca\wheeled2\towingtractor\, RH_aks_cfg in rh_aks_cfg\

CA_Modules_E_Gita in ca\modules_e\gita\, CATracked2_T90 in ca\tracked2\t90\

CAStructures_Mil in ca\structures\mil\, CAMisc2 in ca\misc2\

CALanguage_missions_PMC in ca\languagemissions_pmc\

CAWeapons_Warfare_weapons in ca\weapons\static\, Chernarus in ca\chernarus\

CAMisc in ca\misc\

CAStructures_E_Ind_Oil_Mine in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_oil_mine\

CASigns2 in ca\signs2\

CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_BuildingWIP in ca\structures_e\housea\a_buildingwip\

CA_Animals2_Anim_Config in ca\animals2\animconfig\, CAUI in ca\ui\

CALanguage in ca\language\, CAMisc3 in ca\misc3\

CAWheeled_E_BRDM2 in ca\wheeled_e\brdm2\, Uaz_desert in rus__camo__des\uaz\

rus_camo_T72 in rus__camo__des\t72\, RH_hk416_cfg in rh_hk416_cfg\

CAWeapons_AmmoBoxes in ca\weapons\ammoboxes\, CAweapons_m107 in ca\weapons\m107\

CACharacters in ca\characters\

Mods: expansion;baf;pmc;E:\Steam games\arma 2;Expansion;ca;@cba;@glt_missilebox;@rh_aks;@rus_camo;us_delta_co_v1.00;c1987_cigarette__s_oa;glt_f16_12;r3f_armes;rh_hk416;rh_mgswp;rkt_su33

Distribution: 1491

Version 1.57.76815

Fault address: 00000000 00:00000000 Unknown module

file: GR1

world: chernarus

campaign: Campaigns\gambitroyale_camp

battle: Chapter1

mission: GR1


EAX:03665B58 EBX:03665A38

ECX:03665A38 EDX:00000003

ESI:00000001 EDI:1ADBD110


SS:ESP:0023:0182F2C0 EBP:0182F2E4

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000



note: Minidump has been generated into the file E:\Documents and Settings\sthalik\Local Settings\Application Data\ArmA 2 OA\ArmA2OA.mdmp

Edited by sthalik

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@sthalik: thanks for taking the time to post your report. You may be happy to know that I found a way to recreate the error. However I am not certain what aspect of the scripting could cause a hard crash, but based on the task bug yesterday, it may have to do with storing variables and retrieving them from a saved game. That's just a wild guess right now :) I hope you were able to restart the mission and get past that?

@Miller: thanks a lot! Very much appreciated :)

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Unfortunately not. I'm using Windows XP and nine out of ten times the crash leads to a soft hang. I'm unable to alt-tab out of crashed Arma process and it requires a reboot to get it working again. I tried a couple of times and gave up in frustration. Sorry, man.

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@sthalik: if you restart the mission, and don't reload from autosave, it is still crashing? I was only able to recreate the crash by completing task 2 first, then reloading the autosave. I don't have XP to test on.

I would be quite frustrated myself. I appreciate you letting me know. This mission was the most complex to script, and I will revisit it in the next day or 2 to see what I can do to improve it.

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I am having a great time on your masterpiece. Have you been over in either sandboxes at all? A few times, while traveling through it felt just right. The atmosphere is excellent.

I only have two things that would probably be of interest to you from a maker standpoint.

When the rest of the team arrives, after discovering what happened to viktoria I had that cut scene play twice, then go to a blank screen. After I restarted, and reloaded to the point right after you get the message about finding the docs and the civilians not wanting to talk and the fade to black happens, I got to watch the cut scene twice again, but this time it went to the next mission.

For the porta potty, I had a weird bug that the auto-save would cause the game to crash. If I saved myself after that point, it would work fine. So I dunno if that was a fluke or something to do with a mod or two?

That's it so far. Really enjoying it and I can see how much work went into this. Thanks!

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Thanks for the comments, heklos.

Regarding the auto-save bug, it's been reported by others, and I have recreated it, involves order of events. Spent the last 3 days rebuilding my gaming PC, so I haven't had a chance to fully analyze it, but hope to get it resolved over the weekend.

The other item, from Scirocco, is news to me. I've played through it countless times, but it could be something new that crept in, or I'll just have to get creative in recreating it :)

Thanks again, comments like this help me improve it.

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I downloaded campaign v1.01 and i have problems with mission 2 :) how end this mission correctly.

1. I have evidence - mass grave.

2. I use radio, and airplane bombarded chedaki camp.

3. I take weapons and satchel charges.

4. I free thet girl and run to helicopter.

5. I start flying with Mi-8, and i have new task in monitor "Go too Skalisty island" but nothing new shows in brifieng, no waypoints [i not have map]. But i find this island.

6. I land on Skalisty island and thers a us army camp: 4 tents, 1 hospital, 1 us marines patrol, and Razor team guys on patrol ?

Nothing is hapend, mission dont end. I dont know what im doing wrong.

Finally i use endmission cheat but i want to know what im doing wrong in this mission.

Edited by tom3kb

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Somehow I can't pass the first mission.

I escape from the prison and rescue the hostage. Then I take the boat to escape but where should I got? I thought mission would end when I steal the boat but it didn't. I escaped on foot but again the same problem. What to do when outside?

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You prabobli must swim with boat to Skalisty island, im take mi-8 and fly ther but mission dont end.

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Just released version 1.02. Updated first post, but here is the lowdown:

- no longer deleting original player unit in 2nd mission

- removed auto-save from 2nd mission

- added longer delay to showMap, and call it again later on in 2nd mission

- added isNull checks to two functions

- fixed ending bug in 2nd mission

- made allowance for player to not complete objective 1 and still find end waypoint in 2nd mission

- fixed rare bug in 4th mission that could cause an objective to spawn twice


Hopefully this resolves the crashing problems in the 2nd mission. I can no longer recreate them, but doesn't mean it won't happen to someone else. As for the map not being visible, my only guess was a timing issue between "showMap true" being called and "saveGame" (possibly). "saveGame" is removed. "showMap" is also called again later on. If anyone still has trouble with the map not being visible, please let me know, and provide any info you can, maybe even mods running. :)

Edited by AZCoder

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Hi again.

I arrived in NUR to ck out the situation per the Task request.

Found a man and woman near by. Nothing happens.

Found red car near the mosque. Nothing.

Not sure what to do.

Maybe you can pls give advice in a Spoiler tag?


BTW, I updated to latest patch version.

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Great campaign so far, really interesting but I've encountered a small problem

I was playing "Infiltration" mission, after loading a save my blue circle showing me direction to seal team 2 disappeared, what should I do now? I can't find them without that blue circle.

Edited by Tarkin92

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I downloaded campaign v1.01 and i have problems with mission 2 :) how end this mission correctly.

Go the the toilet outhouse. Use the mouse scroll button and "open door". Hero will hit the dude and take his clothes, map and weapon.

Head over to the radio and call for help. Kill everybody. Release the girl. Take the boat or helo. If you don't do this, you may not get the end result you want. Hope this helps.

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@Kommiekat: walking around close to the waypoint marker (at the crossroad) should activate trigger. In fact just walking up to the man in glasses should start a short cutscene. I retested it just to be certain. If you're at the burned out car, make sure to return to the crossroad :)

@Tarkin92: the BIS_fnc_dirIndicator has a mind of its own at times. Sent you a PM with exact location. I have seen where the indicator would not work for a couple minutes, then start working again. I tested the mission with 2 different save points, and the indicator still works for me. But as I said, I've seen it stop working in pre-release tests, then start up again after a min or 2.

Also, reloading Infiltrator causes a bug to manifest in the AC130 script, which I previously reported here:


@Tavish: thank you very much!

Easter Egg: each of the major cutscenes (except the one before the last mission) has a hard to find AI dancing about, usually visible for only 1 to 2 seconds.

Edited by AZCoder

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AZCoder, I have one word for your Campaign.........awesome. I am not a fan of SP missions or campaigns because I like to play with human teammates and all but this is the first SP Campaign that I have enjoyed. The cut scenes and the way that you keep the flow of the campaign going is very addictive. It is kind of like reading a story or watching an movie and you have a bit of interaction with it. It would have definitely been in the running for this last years awards. Guys/gals (?) that make missions or campaigns for others to play or release their clans missions for other to enjoy should all get a thanks. AZCOder, you put in a lot of work into your campaign and I am sure I am not the only one that appreciates it. Thanks for making an awesome campaign, it is truly fun.

****Sick1, I enjoyed your SEAL Team campaigns as well!!!!!****

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Thanks a lot, comments like that inspire me to do more. The next project will be a mission on Isla Duala (no other addons), I plan to make it both SP & co-op, it's my first attempt at multiplayer so hopefully it will work out. I have the whole thing mapped out in my head, but don't want to reveal the details just yet.

Speaking of the SEAL Team campaigns, I originally intended for Gambit Royale to use TF86 Navy Seals, and the player's character was "Ian Spectre" (notice the English spelling). It was one of several Bond references, but during the early development stages I started to play the SEAL Team Six campaigns, and the main guy there is Specter, so I changed the name to Ian Jones, and later changed the SEALs to Delta.

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I play campaign v1.02 and this campaign is great.

I like Cutscens, music/soundtrack , story and task. Im mission 7 now so far no errors in missions. And mission with support from c130 :) this one is wery cool.

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Ok, im finished gambit royale v1.02. I dont find any bugs or errors. No crashes wenn im playing this campaign. Thank you for making this great campaign.

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Hi AZCoder,

Because I was always more into SP than MP since OFP, I am really grateful for cool people like you who feed the SP gamer's needs with quality haute-cuisine like Gambit Royale.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons I am more interested in SP than MP is the fact that I cannot game away whole days, nights and months in one go, and repeatedly :D

I have a wife and a job, so it's quality gaming time rather than quantity I'm after.

Basically, I want to actually play through events, like your campaign offers them in the best possible manner. What I don't want is doing tedious footwork. But ever since that tracking marker disappeared, I realized Shapur is to big for me to search every house in a reasonable time, so please PM me the location of the hostages in "Infiltrator".

Thank you in advance,


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What first aid system did you use in this campaign ?

I would like to play all those great SP campaigns but i just hate that BIS First-Aid stuff...

Did you use a automatic leg heal or the simple first-aid module or something similar ?

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