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Single Player Warfare Campaign

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Maybe for the next DLC, maybe just as a mission that someone more brainy than me could make.

You would start as either side, with one village (your own village) under your control, then, with a storyline, you take over more and more areas to finally control the whole island.

The story would be built into cut scenes and scripted missions, similar to the OFP addon where you worked for the resistance, though I cant remember its name right now you would not do only scripted missions, just some to move the storyline along.

Rather than just using money to buy equipment, you would get weapons and men from each area you controlled. As you took over more villages and cities you would have a bigger "pool" of soldiers to fight with, not just for you but for the AI teams as well. If someone died in your team then they would be replaced from your pool of soldiers, not an infinite number like it is normally in warfare.

Basic weapons would come from taking over villages (AKs etc) but for more advanced weapons you would have to buy them from arms dealers, this would make expensive weapons highly prised at the beginning of the game and would make an obvious advancement tree through the game.

Everything above is relatively simple to add to the game and just needs someone with more skills than me to complete.

One area that might be harder is how to cope with the main player dying. :(

How about your team to all be playable though team switching so when you die you can take over one of them instead, you cant reinforce your team unless you are back at your base where you could get more soldiers and weapons from your pool of available resources, I don't know if this is possible with the game engine though. :confused:

Any thoughts?

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The reaction to the Warfare missions in Harvest Red was overwhelmingly negative enough. I don't foresee Warfare being in the official single player campaigns in the future. ;)

It's perfectly fine in multiplayer, though.

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